The Show Must Go On…a 5-Star Movie Review!

The Show Must Go On…a 5-Star Movie Review!

If you’re a Queen Rock Band Fan, this Movie Documentary about the Adam Lambert and Queen bonding to Re-Brand the Band as big and bad as ever, then this one will please the most dedicated Queen Fan!  With their Union, Freddie Mercury lives on in a wonderful way.  Yes, I am convinced Freddie Mercury would be pleased with Queen’s Bringing back their great swagger and amazing Arsenal of Fantastic Songs.  Yes, in between the Songs, an in-depth presentation is brought full bore for the pleasure of the Viewing Audience.  And this Movie does not disappoint.  It is a wonderful Tribute to a Living Band still blasting out the Tunes that made and still keeps Queen a Band par none with newcomer, Adam Lambert.

I will admit, I looked and I have to admit, I did look for singing qualities in comparison with Freddie Mercury.  And I’m very happy to Report. I was in no way disappointed.  Adam Lambert brings his own Swagger and his Vocal Range is just as amazingly unique as Freddie Mercury sang.  Both men are uniquely their Own Front Man that cements and makes Queen still a Rocking Band Legend.  Yes, both men are their Own Showman.  Both are what makes the Best the Best.  And as I watched this Movie,  I was happy to see how much was revealed. 

And as you watch, you may view it as a Movie or a Documentary.  But don’t worry, if you are a Adam Lambert. Freddie Mercury, or Queen Fan, you will be delighted.  Yes, happiness will abound.  And I had a few Tears at times because there are very endearing moments. And the Original Band Members are so openly honest and willing to share their Lives with the Viewer.  So, take out the Popcorn and pop a large bowl, get a drink, and then sit down and start this flick-The Show Must Go On.  It’s on enjoy!