Sadly, we walk…

Everyday, I Re-Share Posts on LinkedIn of fallen Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen.  I also add God Bless you and your Family.  It’s every day now and on some days, there may be as many as ten that someone else Posted and I Re-Share.  And they are fallen Heroes from Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  

I read the entire Post and I study the image of each of these Brave individuals.  Each has the manner of which of their Deaths.  It’s so very sad seeing these fine men and women whose Lives have been extinguished.  Improvised Bombs is the one cause I see most.  But as I read and do my little thing of sharing their Post, I do think about how another Family’s Life was interrupted with their loss.  These are not easy things to learn and none of us should ever take them lightly.  Please know that many, too many have fallen in all three Countries and others.  Yes, our Armed Forces members lose their Lives all over the World. It’s part of the J O B. But dying is the final End Game.  And the Loss?  It always rests on the hearts and shoulders of their families. 

I do wish, very much so, that Our Forces would be completely removed from Iraq, Syria, South Africa, and Afghanistan.  And any other country where the Loss of an American Life is applauded.  I’d rather we only use Automated Weaponry and we do have quite A few of These.  Yes, Warfare FROM above.  Using Burst Lasers and other items.  But no more should Our Troops be deployed to places where we simply aren’t wanted or appreciated.  The Day of promoting Our Ideology by Military Options has come and gone.  Yes, there are places where we are STUCK.  Like South Korea.  And Bases all over the World.  But the Middle East seems simply a waste of our time to continue deployment there.  The Middle East will always be in Wars.  It’s in their blood And in their upbringings.  They live for it!  They do and all their clan bashes.  They’ve been doing it for Centuries and will for Centuries more…but we don’t need to be part of it any longer…Let Them Fight.  And if God decides that they should have Peace, then it will be PEACE.