I,000,000 Deaths by Year’s End And where’s Our Vaccines?

It’s absolutely mind boggling that One Million will Die from the Coronavirus by the end of this Year.  And there is no sign of it ending.  Here in America, one State looks good and another is bad numbers.  But then comes summer vacations and then the Virus from cross-state travel.  Here, where my wife and I live in Texas, our County numbers are now 300% higher than at any other time.  And that’s not good. 

I don’t know where you live, but I hope your numbers are decreasing and looking like New Zealand.  But in America, our numbers won’t be looking right until 2021 or longer.  Maybe, as far ahead as 2025.  Or 2030.  If it lasts until 2030, the World could see as many as 30 million Deaths.  But I expect this Winter will see an alarming number of infections as many shelter together and the Coughing Season explodes.  I hope you did stop for 15 minutes to Listen to the Discussion on this-


And just ‘CLICK’ on this IndianExpress News Article about several of the Most Promising Vaccines about to enter Full Large Scale Testing…


I’m still convinced India will be the best prepared with full scale Vaccine Production for their Citizens.  And that’s neat.  That’s very cool.  And that’s being very responsible.  And I still like the Oxford Vaccine best.  But I HOPE you and your family will be Safe.