WOW! R U seeing this?


Look, at these ZONES!  On the Map of Atlanta, Georgia!  Zones are being discussed over And over.


Okay, here’s another map showing some Race Stuff, but that’s a NON-ISSUE!

But are you WATCHING what is going on in Atlanta with the Police Department?

A sudden and not mysterious situation has just developed.  True or False?

Atlanta Police Officers are being reported as Driving their Patrol Cars back in and turning in their Keys and going home.

And they are supposedly Calling-in Sick.  Sick or?

That BlueFlu could be highly contagious. Perhaps the sick officers should quarantine at home for 7-14 days in an overabundance of caution, of course, until Public Officials can find a CURE.  Or do they suspect COVID-19?  Another reason to Quarantine for 14-Days.

And from the Reports I’ve reading today, They say that the Atlanta Police Department are Fed-Up and now are upset with the recent Felony Charges which could bring the Death Penalty for the Atlanta Officer in the Wendy’s Drunkard Shooting or killing.  One split second decision causing a death and so much more.  Like they say, ain’t no calling the bullet back once you pull the trigger.

But this Atlanta Issue is a deep, deeply disturbing development.

A City without Police is a dangerous place indeed.  The City Council already done VOTED to kill their Police Department for Social Awareness Programs where No Guns will be carried?  Huh? Such extremist ideology is a bad thing grasping for straws in the completely opposite direction.

This is a very uncomfortable time.  A strange time.  And now, a dangerous time.

No Guns?  No thank you to that ignorant idea.

Might as well just sit back and bring in Hollywood Film Crews to film THE PURGE IN ATLANTA.  

The rhetoric coming out makes no sense.

Even the Police Morale is said to be down tenfold.  I bet it’s much worse than that. Might be near rock bottom.  I can’t imagine doing Riot Duty, Crowd Control Duty as being very mentally healthy.  Especially for prolonged periods of time, day in and day out.  I’m sure it wasn’t part of Officers understanding of their Job Requirements.  Might promote suicidal thoughts.  Causing Anger Issues?

So bad, that they Put Their Guns Up?  I mean, the JOB is similar to the Military as swearing to BE READY TO DIE, but the Dying for WHAT just changed in understood meaning? I’m sure a whole lot of Soul Searching is going on.

Reports floating on the Web by Comments I’m reading seems to be painting a damn scary scenario.  Yes, I do read COMMENTS because often times, they do paint a truer picture.  Sure, some are to be weeded out. But Cops telling it doesn’t seem unrealistic to me.  Seems to be things Just Got Real.  And I’m not making any judgements at all.  It’s scary reading-


Just walk out, off the job?  Call in and then what?

Use the-

County Mounties?

National Guard?

Ask Washington for Help?

And if this starts a Nationwide Movement, boy could that be something?  Yes, something bad…