Trial By Media! TBM

Trial By Media “T.B.M.”  And it’s now the latest rave.  And like a rash of all the foul things coming out Today, America is putting anyone ON TRIAL!  ON TRIAL before they even get a Trial?  And once a Story Breaks, the flood of Viral Tweets and Shares and Repeating is now the name of the game.  And people can’t get enough of it, but what is the Cost on our own happiness? 

Yes, it can make a person very sad, even suicidal by watching too much bad stuff.  Just like watching too many bad movies.  Your mind can get stuck and just grind to a stop on Overload.  Yes, it’s like the Pinball Machines and if you shook the machine, it stopped, game over.  And sadly, many Americans will never know the joy of those machines.  They were fun and now. They are mostly gone. 

But have you been watching SPACE FORCE?  If so, please have your kids watch Episode 10.  I’m not talking about the Moon stuff. But the Door Usages in the hilly AREA.  It’s a stark reminder of the Trap anyone can fall into.  It is worth showing for sure.  Worth watching and no. It’s not scary, not REALLY.  But it does bring back many thoughts.  I mean, you very well remember every time you did something terrible.  We all do.  And all of remember our 1st sexual encounter.  Our 1st toke of a Joint.  Our 1st feeling of drunkenness.  Our 1st bad Decision. 

And what would we do if all of it were plastered on the TV Tube?  I still remember a boy pushing shopping baskets back into the Wal-Mart while holding his Cell Phone to Record Store Customers.  I mean, I’m sure he put pics or clips to Facebook or to his friends of People he didn’t even know.  Actually, I found it creepy.  Similar. But on a larger scale. Of filming a person in a bathroom.  It’s all part of the New Sickness of Trial By Social Media.  Sure, some is funny. But the filming where you see yourself showing up on FB stinks…