Lawrence Sullivan Ross Statue Removal would be an Injustice to the Memory of this Man’s Post Civil War Exemplary Accomplishments.

How deeply do the Rich Aggie Traditions go, Aggie Cultural Heritage go?  But now, I ask should Aggie Tradition be upended no matter how many tens of thousands of former Texas Aggies engaged in them like the penny drop on a Statue? It’s folklore Aggie Culture. 

In the case of removing the Lawrence Sullivan Ross Statue, I find it perplexing because, in no way, does this Statue honor the Confederacy. This Statue honors the Man’s POST CIVIL WAR exemplary accomplishments both to the Great State of Texas and to Texas A&M University.

Ross was the Governor of Texas for two Terms and President of the Aggies’s Flagship University. 

Even his serving as a Texas Ranger shows an “above all the rest” in Texas Folklore.  But the thing I must point out is that this Statue does not exhibit a man in a Confederate General Uniform, with a Sword, or carrying a Confederate Flag.  His dressage is that of Formal Attire from that Time Period.

If this Statue is removed, I fear Books being Burned or Censored next…and then what?