Is the NFL, NCAA ready for Game Forfeitures?

Yes, make no mistakes, College and NFL Games are coming.  Hooray!  Great!  Lots of viewing on TV.  But what are the End Results going to look like if a Game is Forfeited?  And what affect is that going to have on the Super Bowl?  NCAA Championship Game?  Nothing could be so foul than Sports Lords Crying Foul! 

They might say that the Final Game or Games doesn’t prove a thing.  And here’s what I’m trying to say. 

Remember how America went into Lockdown and the XFL and NBA suddenly stopped their Season play for Safety Concerns. 

Yes. You know.  We remember. The Virus gumming-up those remaining Games.  And how many Players will it take on one Team to be COVID-19 Positive before they make the unthinkable Decision to Forfeit that Game.  You think not, but Schedules are tight and in most Cases only one week offers a chance to make-up a Game, but both Teams must be on their Week-Off at the same time to make it work. 

And I’m not lying, a week of rest during the intensely brutal sport of football is sometimes a Godsend for many ailing Players. Yes. These players need that rest week.  That week to heal their bodies. 

But. How will Teams address these Virus Infections?  A player could be infectious for Two Days prior to the Onset of the Symptoms.  And 20% of all Tests being false and not accurate.  But forget about that.  It’s already started-

13 University of Texas football players test positive for coronavirus released on June 19, 2020

What happens when a Running Back turns Positive during the game and the following week? The entire Offensive and Defensive Lines become Positive of both Teams.  And when enough players are Positive, do you turn to barely mustering a Team Roster or do you Forfeit? 

I would think all Non-Conference Games would be a No-Brainer and be Forfeited.  But how about the Big Games?  The Big Money Makers?  The Games Las Vegas and Betters drool to have played?

Now, I already suggested way back in an Earlier Blog Post that the 2020 Season could be played in Early 2021 for everyone’s Safety Concern. 

I do so fear that the Present Opening has revealed our vulnerabilities.  And once two or three or four or six or Ten Teams Forfeit Games, calling off the Season might very well take place.  And then, a lot of people will be very sad…very much so.