My Plea to the World…

This is very Important to me because I know This will greatly help all of America And the World.   Spoken words are so painful!

   Can I please be very Honest?  Very sincere?  And if you say, YES, can I now come before you with a simple PLEA?  And as a Man, a Father, a Grandfather, an American, an author, and as a Veteran, I come before you with my head bowed.  My knees are worn, my hands are beaten, and my eyesight has almost disappeared.  But if you still say, YES, then I do now on these old and bent knees come humbly before you with a PLEA.  A simply plea.  A needed plea.  A necessary plea.  This is the One I want you to share.

       This is one of the most important pleas I could ever say to you unless I was pleading for my Life with a gun barrel against the temple on my forehead. And in an imaginary way, there will be a gun always pointed in my way when I say what this plea is by some.  But before I make my plea which is a begging thing, a haggling thing, but haggling time is far over now.  I do think so.  Yes, I believe so.  But please read the following so you know the actual source, a spot to begin-


Minutes of the Council and General Court: 1622-1629 (Continued)

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
Vol. 28, No. 2 (Apr., 1920), pp. 97-108 (13 pages)
      And now, I am going to show you an exert that you need to study very much so.  Take careful aim with it.  I want you to be absorbed in it.  It is our History. Young man, young woman, young child, you must pay attention now.  
         Do you see the Date of these Court Documents?  September 17, 1627!  And for argument’s Sanity,  let’s now say that all of us are now viewing it.  Yes, did you READ it?  Did you really READ it.  And if you did, you just read maybe one of the 1st Recorded Record of what I want to share with you from this Court Document in American History.
         So. For a flash moment, let’s all travel back to that Court, on that day.
        We are now sitting and watching as people are standing, arguing their points and they are presenting their Cases and having sometimes what we would now consider horrific judgements unleashed upon them.  Would you believe punishment for causing an ABORTION?  it’s at the end of this write.  And if you are still reading, I will show you another Exert where a Person was ordered to receive 40 lashes with a Whip.  But Edmond Albourne is standing before us and telling us about his SWORN STATEMENT about the last and dying words coming from John Throgmorton who was Mortally Wounded by Indians.
        Yes. John was dying.  And Edmond is telling a packed Court the John Throgmorton’s Last Dying Request on how to divide-up his Estate.  And in Edmond’s mindful recollection, he states that one of the Requests is that the Wife of Oliver Jenkins be allowed to get the use of John Throgmorton’s “negar” for one Year.  
           And as you heard the word “negar” being Spoken, you didn’t flinch. You didn’t even think a thing unless you was thinking an envious a thought-Oh My, what a lucky Woman to get the use of John Throgmorton’s “negar” for not a week, not a month, but for a full Year. 
           Wow!  I bet back in 1627, Oliver Jenkins Wife must have thought she had just Won the Lottery or maybe not? I’m not sure what she would have thought, but gratitude?  But how did the “negar” feel?  No, there is no mention of that and never will be. 
          But now, let’s get ourselves back out of that Courtroom.  But let’s move back a ways closer to our time.
        And now,  here is a Map Outlining what?  It outlines “NEGROLAND” in 1736.  A full hundred years since 1627.  Right?  
WOW!  What’s your gut Reaction on the Above image?  
Negro_League_emblem (1)
     How about this image?  You loving it?  You liking it?  Or no, you’re not?  Or did it or one of the others open a certain window in your mind and you disliked it and it upsets you?  It might even piss you off?  But I’m showing you History that I needed to and such that I needed to share with you and I’m getting closer to revealing My Plea to you.   And soon, all of It will come full circle.  But the Above images are part of Our History.   
     So, we’re now a full how many years and days since September 17, 1627?  I’m not totally remembering how to do that.  But, just subtracting the years, it’s 393 Years.  And okay. I’m not going to drag this on any more, but I want you to understand right now.  I am White.  A WHITE Person.  And I want you to know that nothing upsets me MORE than just about anything else is when I Hear someone use the “N” WORD in my presence!  It is forbidden to be spoken in my Family by all family Members.  I detest the USE of this word.  I find it absolutely deplorable.
        But my PLEA is that any USE of these words that I am about to Write and I’m writing this so all People from all 87 Countries that come to read my Blog Posts fully understand and that NO Mistakes are made in the Translations in all these different languages. I want all to see and read.  Yes. You can help.

But my PLEA is this-Can We End the USE of the N Word-Can there be A WORLDWIDE BAN on the USE of any of these N words- Negar, Negars, Negro, Negroes, Niger, Nigers, Nigger, Niggers, in any way!  I’m talking in any form. Banning their Usage! Forbidden! To be used in writing or spoken form forever.  And if it’s written as a Historical Fact of the Past, let it alone for all times!   

And let’s just look up the definition of one N › browse › nigger Nigger | Definition of Nigger at

Usage alert about nigger.

The term nigger is now probably the most offensive word in English. Its degree of offensiveness has increased markedly in recent years…

          And if BLACK LIVES MATTER, I’m talking really MATTERS to all of us, then all of us must stand-up for a full understanding of Our Own Rhetoric, our own use of certain words, that chains all of us to that which does REMIND and does PROMOTE the degradation of the

BLACK PERSON to be viewed in a certain negative manner.  The above mentioned N words are Chained to SLAVERY! 

        These above N words, I sincerely apologize for writing, depict a person of lower status, of being less than human, of once meaning and being written as just a number or written down as an “Other”.  And these N words keep their horrible meanings.  They are not lost. 

        N words invoke horrific image a Master Owning His Slaves Mentality still in the Ball Game, in the mix, and still in Mankind’s Arena. The use of anyone of these N words depicts nothing but a person of such “lowerness”.  Only ignorance promotes their continued usage.

        As I worked the Texas Prisons, I actually stopped Offenders and had them refrain from using the N word and on so many times, they would say-I’m Black and you’re not understanding how we are using the N word.  And I would say-Why would I allow you to use an N word here in front of me that I have banned the use of in my own home by all family members?  And the word was not used.  The Offenders respected my words and dropped the use of the N word in my presence.  They proved it could be done. So-

      It’s been 393 years.  Can everyone end these Bonds from Our Negative Past?  If all of us are truly listening to each other now more than ever before? And all of us do truly want to get on the same page, then the N words must be dropped.            If all the Confederate Statues and Flags be yanked down to End suffering for us, can the USE of N Words be taken out of our Vocabulary and their use be put to an end?  These N words are OFFENSIVE…

      So, I’ve made My Plea and will you help this become a reality? Please don’t let this fall on deaf ears. Yes, I am totally convinced that a LAW, even an International Law Banning needs to be enacted making it a Crime to use any N words.  Yes. Criminalizing the use of N words. Their use is just as Bad as taking the Lord’s Name in Vain! They are.

         Yes, I’m an astute studier of History and I Majored in English with emphasis in World Literature.  I so wish I could put my mind on Display at how backwards the use of N words keeps all of us stuck in such cruelty of thought thru their usages-written or spoken or rapped or sung.  And it has to END!  IT HAS TO END!  I cannot explain it more than a pleading to your conscious mind. 

        Yes, you and I, all of us, must make a Conscious Effort and bite Our Tongues if we slip up, to never use any of the N words ever again.  It can be done, but I know it will take time.  But there is No Better Time than NOW!

Please help this Happen.  Please QUIT USING N WORDS! Thanks…and My Wife Approved this Message. 😉😊

And now, how about Punishment during the Virginia Colonial Days for Causing an ABORTION?  I’m not saying, it’s from the same wonderful Source I listed and here is that exert-