U ever wake-up Pissed?

Well, four things got my panties in an Uproar this morning and I hate that.  And I’m sure you do too.  You know, wake-up still mad at the old lady or something else.  All of us do it. I’m not really pissed or mad, just disappointed.  But four things got me this morning and all of it brewed-up from the CBS NEWS and Shows on CBS!  Yes, they got me and they were spreading Lies on one of them.  A repeating on one only added fuel to the Fire going on in this Country.  But let’s start with the Top of my List.  Now, two were correct.  But two were not.

1.  COVID-19 Cases are rapidly INCREASING IN Texas and the local Hospitals are at 50-60% Capacity with these types of Cases!  This is B.S.!  Our cases are going up. And Re-Shutting Texas or America down again is not going to happen wherever Tax Revenue is being made.  But what’s worse is that I went fishing with a Fishing Guide and he said that COVID-19 was a Lie.  He said Trump said it wasn’t nothing and that was good enough for him.

2.  A WHITE GIRL!  A WHITE GIRL!  A WHITE GIRL set the Fire at the WENDY’S in Atlanta after that Police Shooting.  It’s sad what happened, but why did that man decide to FIGHT the Officers?  What was his Police Record?  But again, why fight when it’s only a Public Intoxication Case because they did not witness him Driving.  But that setting off that Fire was very deliberate.  But was it done knowing full well how the Black Community would be blamed?  A WHITE Extremist Move? That’s about the most Anarchist Act I’ve seen in a long time.  And AGAIN, I’ve WARNED EVERYONE that if you’re part of something, you have to make sure everyone is on the Same Page.  Just one person can give the entire group a Bad Rap and Destroy the Message and send other Messages supporting other ideologies.

3.  Now comes the Repeating of a Lie or Lies.  Jay Pharoah’s claiming Police put their Knees on his neck just like they did to George Floyd.  I’m sorry, I unfortunately saw that Video Replayed about six times all through the Day and another time just before 1am. And my wife and I both discussed what we saw. Okay, let’s look at the Two Lies I saw.  He claimed Racial Profiling.  Okay, the Police said that they were looking for a man fitting his description wearing grey slacks and grey top.  He fit that description.  To claim every instance of a police stop Racial Profiling is not accurate.  But yes, all of us know it does happen.  But then comes that Big Claim of a Knee on his NECK just like George Floyd.  FALSE!  FALSE!  FALSE!  It’s clear in the Video that his neck is COMPLETELY VISIBLE and the Officer’s right knee is on his Upper Back to prevent him from jumping back up.  Not on his NECK. The knee was not on his Bare Neck.  His Bare Neck is entirely visible. But CBS and all on CBS chimed-in with his Lie and I find all of it very Disrespectful of George Floyd’s memory and what his Death has started. Yes, really very Disrespectful.  Then they showed another Video where someone did have their knee on his neck and he yelled words in anger.  So, I’m left with two things-was Jay Pharoah promoting himself?  Or was he attempting to add fuel to the Fire?  Hey, the Fire of Racial Inequalities is Burning Loud and clear!  We all see it, we all are now aware, and we are Listening.

4.  CBS chose to Spread the Above Lies in No. 3. They are Guilty as Sin too!  Why do this CBS?  WHY?  AND CBS SURE RAN WITH IT!  But CBS chose to Spread these Lies!

And Damn, CBS showed a False Photo being shown on FOX where these three photos had been used to make one to Support a Story.  Putting these photos together which was a Lie.  Together, they created a Horrible LIE!  All of it was BULLSHIT.  FOX and CBS are now engaging in BULLSHIT.  And telling It on each other.

What the Hell  happened to Telling the Truth?