Have Faith…

Right NOW more than ever, it’s easy to just let in to all the negativity that is bombarding YOU.  Bombarding all of us.  Yes. It’s easy.  And as a Correctional Officer, at times. I absolutely felt super low at times.  And that’s when it’s time to recharge your Beliefs Battery.  Yep, it can run pretty Low.  And then with all that. It can overwhelm any of us.  But what can a person do?  Simple.  Get out the ole Bible and find a place to start.  Anywhere will do just nicely.  Doesn’t have to be a deep Learned Evaluation of the Bible.  No. Just read. And as you read.  Think about what YOU read and not what someone else says.  It has so much to offer and some stories are quite incredible, amazing to read.

There are places that will give you Oh My.  And some will make you think Holy Cow!  And things like God changing His Mind always made me remember that God made all of us in His Image.  But make no mistake, God is in everything.  And He knows it all.  He knows what you are going to do.  But He is Your Support and ask and He will hang YOU what you need.  And when you get what you need. Ask, why did I get that?  And if you think about it long enough. You will know. 

But don’t break down.  Have Faith.  All of this will be over one day and it ends faster than you can sneeze.  Yes, all of it does.  By the time you wake-up. You’re old.  Yes. You’re knocking on the EXIT DOOR. 

But don’t give in to weakness.  Be strong.  It’s going to get better.  It is.  Sure, it’s easy to do that quitting stuff and once started. It’s easier to keep on quitting and think negative things about yourself.  But keep going.  Keep trying.  And if you’re looking for a job, keep looking.  Yes, keep looking.  One is out there with your name on it.  This is a strange time.  Much has happened and much more will happen.  But we’ll take it on as it comes.  Taking in too much is not good.  So. Watch a funny movie.  Listen to Comedy.  Watch a kids movie or Cartoon.  Regress to move Forward.  Yes, sometimes it’s better to take baby steps.  Don’t try those Giant Ones.  Now, is not time for giant anything.  And again. Have Faith.  

Praying is a cool thing.  Let the Lord hear ya.  Yes, YOU.  It’s okay, His Office is OPEN 24/7 and His HOTLINE is always OPEN.  And if God doesn’t talk Directly to you, DON’T get upset.  God has the Holy Spirit among us and you pray with a real feeling, the Holy Spirit will come a running.  He’ll fill you up so quick, you’ll be shocked. Shocked with JOY!  So, please hang in there.  Pray, read the Bible and cut out all the Drama.  😊