China’s 9th Immortal here?

Well, looking looks like China is now with a new beginning of Coronavirus Cases coming from Xinfadi market in their Very Center.  This is not good news for them or us.  But from another Meat Market?  Was this from COMMUNITY Spread or is there a Mystery Meat being SOLD that is causing all of this?  And what could it be?  First, the Wuhan Meat Market and the Virus.  And China went into a Massive Lockdown.  They put the cork back in the Virus Bottle.  But apparently, the ? is awoken once again. 

But, could this be the birth of a Ninth Immortal causing this Virus?  Eight Immortals are Chinese Mythology.  But could a 9th Exist?  Could Mankind accept such a Theory?


Eight Immortals…and now a 9th?

But a Ninth Immortal of Burden.  Or ?  And now paying the entire World a Visit?  Thru the Virus?  Yes. An Immortal could be created at any time and No One can change that.  No Religion could.  But would this 9th Immortal be female or male?  A 9th Immortal to come along with this group of He Xian’guCao GuojiuLi TieguaiLan CaiheLü DongbinHan XiangziZhang Guolao, and Han Zhongli