U & ME need each Other!

History is an alluring bug once you take a deep breath and JUMP into that Rabbit Hole. And here, I’m still chasing this strange and still not completely understood concept of an Indentured Servant.  Now in the 1st Document. My kin was “permission to Free one of the True Love Group’s Servants”.  Who?  John Brown.



Now, what I found interesting above, in my research,  was the discussion of Mr. Hall sueing his neighbor for NOT paying him for Substituting for that man in an Offensive against the INDIANS.  An Offensive?  And did you see Mr. Causey was Fined for going aboard that Ship? In the second picture…and Some apparently may never need Freed after they served their Indentured Servitude like the man in the Below pics-



A Truncheon?  A Billy Jack.  A Police weapon.

s-l400 (1)