If America were a Car, it’s going 5 mph on two flats on the Rear Tires…

Waking-up for a whole bunch of us is just okay.  But now, how many of us have that Unpopular Look on our faces when we see our TV sitting in the Living Room.  And what you saw two weeks ago, is the same as it is Today on TV.  And it’s now IN YOUR FACE News.  And if you are faint of Heart, you’re better off by not turning it ON.  Yes, quite sadly, the News is still the Same Ole Things as what took place in previous weeks. 

A bunch more reminding us about the PANDEMIC that we are still in.  And with the Country now OPEN, COVID-19 is going to travel Coast to Coast all over AGAIN.  And then comes the Protests Stuff, but it’s not really being balanced very well.  Not being presented well. I’m not sure what they are trying to say about the Protesting because those Messages are not being properly addressed because NO ONE HAS PRESENTED 


 And that’s a very disturbing issue. A Huge Problem.

Solving something that’s been going in America since 1654?  Come on now, a Majority of Americans would chunk Eggs at me for stating that Past Sentence.  But yes, That Sentence is the very Heart of the Centerfold.  And until you can get your mind wrapped around it, you’ll never be able to accept any Solution.  No, you may be Happy to see, only concerned anything that will STOP the Protests.  But that brings up another Question-Are all the Protestors just solely stuck on Police Brutality?  Many of them may not see the Real Picture I see. It’s an ongoing Historically ill begotten Disease. 

And what is that to you?  Just how would you Solve the Problems? And more importantly, how do you Solve Violence?  Hatred?  How?  Okay, I’m going to tell you a true story. 

      Years ago, there was an Emergency Declared at the Prison that I worked.  Here, I’m old and I’m over 320-lbs, so I’m slow and just Old.  And the rest of the Officers went running to the stop.  The place where it was going on. Over the Radio, a woman had tried to describe the Event in her best means, but she was SHOUTING OVER THE RADIO and her Call for  Help was emotionally Charged.  It was.  And the second Lady, she repeated the CALL over the Radio also Emotionally Charged!  So, by the time the 1st Team gets there, they were Pumped and the Adrenaline was kicking in.  And two had the Offender against the Wall.  And as I got there, one Officer told me to get OUT OF THE WAY, WE GOT THIS! Then I heard another Officer shout-Let’s take him outside.  

And then as I saw the Offender come by me, he said-Officer Brown, they got this all WRONG.  And he was talking in a relatively calm Voice.  And being a Administrative Segregation Officer, I learned years ago, YOU NEVER RUN INTO NOTHING unless a Life is at Stake and YOU HAVE TO LISTEN!  You absolutely have to LISTEN!  Yes, just Listen.  And I saw how Adrenaline Pumped the Officers were and one said-Brown, you better go on, we got this. 

And that’s when my OH HELL NO, YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT TO ME.  And I walked-up and into the mix of about Six Officers and I said-I GOT THIS!  And I guess I gave a look that was-Hey, DON’T Mess With Me.  And I moved into the Center and I told the Offender that I was placing him in Restraints and he said-Okay and he submitted to the Handcuffs being placed on him by me.  My Actions prevented anything bad from happening. And then, right then and there, I was MARKED!  Yes. I was Marked as AN OFFENDER LOVER!  And then, lol, I was MOST DEFINITELY in Administrative Segregation for the rest of my Days.  Hey, I was only headed to Lunch when the Event Broke out and I had stopped anything from possibly happening to that Offender. I did my JOB.

But here comes the Rest of that Story.  I was the only White Officer in the whole Event out of a Total of Eight Officers. Seven were Black.  Yes. I stood my ground.  But, I’m sure my Military Training and having worked at the most Dangerous Prison in 1978 in Texas may have played a part.  But I would also like to think my being able to LISTEN played a Big Part in it.  And I could see the Unneeded Drama unfolding.  And sometimes, it only takes that one person willing to put his Job and his Reputation on the Line.  Yes, standing-up is not always an easy thing to do.  And can you say you did something similar?  Sure, I’m a long way from being a great person and I’ve had my faults like all of us. I still do.  But I know it.

But I think one thing and maybe the biggest reason Old People are left to themselves is that we do spend time trying to end our lives on a good note.  By good and correct actions.  But no. Even old people can do stupid stuff too and some are meaner than sin.  So, no I’m not saying you can trust all Old People because You CAN’T.

And now, again, I’m asking Where are the Solutions? 

I can see. You can see, all of us can see, see what?  TV.  Yes, TV and our Cell Phone Screens.  We see People walking down this and that street in this and that City. And lots of shouting and yelling and what else?  And in places all over the World.  But each morning, I’m not seeing Solutions from the Right People being Spoken about.  I’m not hearing, WE GOT SOLUTIONS AND YOU CAN READ THEM. Read them WHERE?  No one is saying THAT.  No real Solutions are coming forth.

      No, I’m not seeing, we are not seeing what we need to be seeing.  And here’s another big concern-What Messages are the Children Learning?  How will the Children be Talking to each other?  The same?  Or how?  Or in what methods?  What manners?  Good, nice, or sad or worse? Yes, how are our kids absorbing what they are seeing?  What are you teaching?  Are they being absorbed with Fears?  They too cannot say that they saw or read SOLUTIONS.  None of us can. 

Sure, we hear TALK.  But I don’t believe every one is Listening.  But TALK is cheap.  And many have their own Agendas. And man, I’ve heard so much in my years starting back with the Watts Riots.  And Kent State.  And other nasty, Eye-Opening Events like the LA Riots.  And so much more.  I see no need to go deep into all of it.  But all are still seeing too many Police Killings and I haven’t a Clue how to FIX IT.  And I can attest to the Adrenaline Issue being a part in some of it.  But no. Not all of it.  But when you are fighting and you are Armed, you got to be thinking about them getting your Gun.  And killing you? Me?  That Adrenaline has to be Sky High by then and that’s when People make Ignoramus Decisions. Huge Mistakes.  Bad Judgemental Choices. And How do you Put An Adrenaline Check on a Police Officer? HOW?  And dang, this wouldn’t be something lots of folks would like.  But it could be for Police Officers and Correctional Officers alike.

Simple! One Solution, but just one.  Only one when many need to come.  Here it is-

Each Law Enforcement Officer is issued a HEART MONITOR/BP ALARM and when IT BEGINS A VERY, VERY LOUD AUDIBLE SOUND, that Officer will KNOW that they have just entered a Body Danger Zone and need to BACK-OFF and GET BACK-UP! A POLICY IN PLACE ORDERING AN OFFICER TO STOP IN PLACE IF THEIR ALARM IS SOUNDING.  Sure, there might be exceptions where Saving another’s Life or CPR or just Running is taking place.  But it will make an Officer take Notice.  And CALL BACK-UP!  Everybody in America could be trained on this Body Alarm.  Maybe People should have a Body Alarm TOO that they can set off intentionally when needed.

And we’d know-Holy Cow, Fall Down immediately when His Alarm goes off because that Officer may be about to Do Something they wouldn’t Ordinarily do normally.  And that Officer might KILL US! His Adrenaline maybe OUT OF CONTROL causing HIM OR HER TO BE OUT OF CONTROL. 

I know, I know, I know.  Unless you’ve seen it, experienced it, you’d never know it even existed. I have.  Multiply how you feel being pulled-over by TEN and you might get a tiny bit close depending on YOU.  You might not even be able to talk cause you just got ZAPPED by your own adrenaline.  I’m sure this would NOT be a pretty idea, but I think it is worth TRYING!  And I see it saving Lives.  And being very Unpopular!

But I’m concerned about America’s Two Pandemics.  I see many Problems solving both. 

1.  The George Floyd Movement-I’ve just provided One.  But will anyone even Discuss it?  Share it?

2.  The COVID-19 Pandemic-this is Serious Stuff.  If everyone ignores Health Officials Advise, we could see 250,000 Deaths or more by Christmas.

Yes, both are Pandemics and both can only have good Outcomes by Corrective Action and by Listening to each other.  But where are the Solutions?

God Bless the Living Breathing James Brown, U.S. Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

God Bless you and your Family.