Humans are Searching for Humans from Outer Space?

Scientists are baffled!  Men are wetting their pants.  Women are crying in the streets. Lol.  But we are being sent messages from Outer Space.  And so far, no one has been able to decipher these highly scientifically multi-layered Radio Bursts which appear to be using secret coding or just merely coding no human or Super Computer can figure out.  Yes, quite literally a Nancy Drew, a Jessica Fletcher, a Sherlock Holmes mystery no human has got right.  But if you’re human and trying to 1ST CONTACT us, what would you say?  Or is it simply a mystery of moons and such blocking these signals and once every so many days, that Certain Planet is aligned such that we are getting hit with their Regular Junk Mail?  Or again, are they trying to Speak to Us?