Virginia’s Earliest European Settlements: 1607-1635

Settlements from the Falls of the James River to the Eastern Shores-this is from way back when you really were in the Land of Oz.


Know your History.  If you don’t take a minute out to find out what makes you, YOU, you’ll never be able to see what a beautiful picture you’re missing.  You don’t just gone along, you become the Leader.  Knowledge is wonderful.  Checkout your Own Family’s History.  Do the DNA thing.  You might find out what African Tribe you originally came from or which Great Hero is in your past. Yes, you might locate your actual Last Name by DNA Testing.  And then, you can change your Last Name from a possible Plantation Masters Name or Owner.  The possibilities are endless…good luck!  The above I put up because I’m researching more of my own and No. 41 is important in mine and October 16, 1629.

Yes, Follow the Yellow Brick Road.  Lol

Below this about Rowland Truelove discusses releasing my earliest Relative from a Indentured Servitude Contract.  Yes, from Slavery…