Know the Facts!


Colored glass slide of Gordon (slave) during medical examination at a Union camp in Baton Rouge. On the verso of the mount were the comments of S. K. Towle, Surgeon, 30th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers: “…Few sensation writers ever depicted worse punishments than this man must have received, though nothing in his appearance indicates any unusual viciousness—but on the contrary, he seems intelligent and well-behaved.”

(The above Picture and pictures of Lynchings are the most disgusting images of Slavery and HATRED.  And of BRUTALITY.  This image is just as horrible to view today as it was when it appeared in Harper’s Weekly.  What kind of man could beat another so viciously?  And below is the man in the picture so you too will know.  Know the Facts!)

Gordon, or “Whipped Peter” (fl. 1863), was an enslaved African American who escaped from a Louisiana plantation in March 1863, gaining freedom when he reached the Union camp near Baton Rouge. He became known as the subject of photographs documenting the extensive scarring of his back from whippings received in slavery. Abolitionists distributed these carte de visite photographs of Gordon throughout the United States and internationally to show the abuses of slavery.[2]

In July 1863 these images appeared in an article about Gordon published in Harper’s Weekly, the most widely read journal during the Civil War.[3]

The pictures of Gordon’s scourged back provided Northerners with visual evidence of brutal treatment of slaves and inspired many free blacks to enlist in the Union Army.[4] Gordon joined the United States Colored Troops soon after their founding, and served as a soldier in the war.[5]

Know the Facts!


George Floyd Protests: Rumor Roundup

George Floyd Protests: Rumor Roundup

Did Congress Designate Confederate Soldiers as United States Veterans?

Did Congress Designate Confederate Soldiers as United States Veterans?

A Ton of Falsehoods are flying all over the Place, especially, the Internet and all the Cell Phone.  The one just above will Piss you off if you stop too early and DO NOT READ the whole thing.  It actually is very informative and got good Facts and NOT RUMORS!  

Again, Know the Factsa fact is indisputable!

Good Luck in your Lives!

Keep your Fellow Protestors Hydrated and Safe!

Please, no bashing, trashing, looting, burning, or defacing.  No Fake News.  No Making Up a Thing.  Just keep it Real and Make the Protests Messages be Heard for all time and not attached to negativity or negative images or negative Videos.

God Bless…you and your family and America.  And all of you in all the other Countries that come to see my Blogs.  Thank you so very much for joining me.

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