When Protesting Turned Lawless…and who’s to BLAME?

Hush Children, what’s that sound?  Everybody Stop and Turn Around…During the Vietnam War Days, we were connected to what was going on by Our Music.  Our Nation was suffering from a chained existence by Our Dying, our Deaths, in a Country so far around the World, that everyone came to finally ask-What the Hell We Fighting For?  DON’T ask me cause I DON’T give a Damn, Next Stop Vietnam.  And it damn sure was for many a Soldier.  And now, here comes a perplexing QUESTION?  Who SET the Fires in the Twin Cities?  You know, One Hundred and Thirty-Five Business Owners had their Businesses BURNED to the Ground.  And now, everyone is now asking-Who the Hell set these Fires?  And ARSON is still and always will be a FELONY.  But really who set these fires?  And if these fires don’t bother you, then I guess you won’t be bothered when your home gets burned down too?  I mean, stop, and think about it.  I mean, you want your Legacy to be-Wow, we Protested and We burnt the Hell out of lots of Businesses?  Yeah, we burnt them fools down to the ground.  And that’s what many will think.  When Ellen Degeneres said she WAS SCARED on her Nationally Syndicated TV Show, I mean, what exactly was she saying she was SCARED OF?  Hey, SCARED is scared.  And it’s not a word used carelessly.  But would it have been better to burn down all of the Twin Cities?  Would that have been better?  Remember when I warned everyone that bad characters were now engaging themselves amongst the Walking Protestors and how I said that You Must Police Yourselves.  Yes. You are part of it and you must keep everyone in line or you shouldn’t be there.  It’s no different in killing someone, if you were there, you were a part of it.  But these Bad Characters have an entirely different Agenda of Likes and Dislikes than what you may want.  And I can see Times Coming when Police Groups decide it’s NOT THEIR JOB to Police the Protestors.  And let the whole City get burned down and that’s when and where the Vigilante Law could Arise and Armed Groups might take to the streets with their own Agendas. And that will be horrible and extremely scary.

        Psychological Trauma is now Ruling the Day.  Yes, all of us trying to wrap our heads around so many COVID-19 Deaths, yes, coming into so many Deaths from COVID-19 and everyone so down from that and now, more worries?  More Trauma. Lots more trauma. Building Burning.  Images of Buildings Burning being replayed every day.

Everything is suddenly magnified in a huge way.  Emotionally Magnified.  You must know, if you cannot Lift yourself up. You WON’T be able to Lift someone else up. The best thing going on now is NOW AMERICA IS HAVING CONVERSATIONS ABOUT BLACK LIVES MATTER.  And that should be at the forefront of your concerns.  Yes, America is now having a Conversation that needed to take place and I’m glad it’s finally here.  My daughter-in-law is Black and I wrote A Panther’s Father Book Series for my grandson.  I know the hurdles he will have to cross and I’m so sorry I won’t be there to fight right alongside of him.  His blackness is now my blackness, her blackness is now my blackness.  But I don’t see BLACK. And if you are new to what is going on, you may have been in a fog and never really took the time to consider how a black person is treated differently from a white person.  But now is the time to engage and know that change is now here. 

One of the things I see that I find being done poorly is How the Confederate Statues and Statues of Columbus are being ransacked.  It’s no different than burning a Business down.  Yes, it is.  Right now, the Conversation is Open and by asking Ye Shall Receive.  And a simple asking to REMOVE them would have been sufficient to get them REMOVED.  But now, the way they were being torn down reminds me of how Stalin’s Statues were torn down in Russia.  I guess that’s the best way to look at it.  But for me, I wished it had been done more respectfully.  And why do I say that?  Why you ask? 

Simple, I’m one of the few men in America that had the Opportunity to actually talk to a living Confederate Soldier when I was very young. An ancient. Crusted-up.  Sad man.  And I’ll never forget seeing and feeling the pain he shared with me.  His story was sad, filled with nothing but pain, and he still carried the pain of that Civil War in his heart.  His tears were real.  His pain was real.  And the Deaths were real. And I felt it. I wished it had been Recorded in more than my mind.  But do know, many a Confederate Soldier, like him. did not fight for anything more than his kin asked him to join his kinfolk.  And they went.  He didn’t own any Slaves, he didn’t.  He said he only went cause a cousin asked him to go with him and they thought it would be fun.  And none of them had Slaves.   He was dirt poor all his life.  RICH PEOPLE OWNED SLAVES.  Just like the RICH PEOPLE that have done the Jim Crow Laws and so much more. One thing to consider about the Civil War was this-RICH PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH are having their citizens fight the citizens of the RICH PEOPLE OF THE NORTH.  Rich Folks verses Rich Folks.

My 1st kin here in America was an Indentured Servant and He Was NOT FREE until he WAS FREED and he worked the fields on the Truelove Plantation.

Indentured servitude was often brutal, with a high percentage of servants dying prior to the expiration of their indentures. In many countries, systems of indentured labor have now been outlawed, and are banned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a form of SLAVERY

I just a few days ago read for the 1st Time these words “he was set free” and I still had a strange feeling about that.  He had finally been freed after five years of Indentured Servitude.  Here, read more on that Subject-



But the unleashing of Bad Behaviors like burning down Businesses upon the Twin Cities and elsewhere in America is not acceptable.  It just won’t do.  It’s scaring people badly.  And it should never have been allowed.  But it was.  And that’s what little kids will remember, teens will remember, and you may too. And they will always now show these burnings when they show the Protests from now on.

      But did it please you?  Did you think it caused good?  And people taking to the Streets is scaring the Hell out of lots of People.  But the burnings. Remember, Ellen is scared and now, so is many of her FOLLOWERS?  Yes, a seed may have been planted.  Not intentional, but planted all the same. Tons of scared people.  And here’s another question I have.  When whoever painted “Peoples” on the Seattle Police Precinct now reading it as the Peoples Precinct, I would like someone to explain “Peoples” to all of us. 

       Where I worked. When my fellow Black Workers talked about Peoples, it was on a Black Exclusive word when used representing Only Black People.  See the question?  Understand it?

       And I’d like to say this.  Blacks are not the ONLY ONES BEATEN in Police Custody.  A Gay Man I knew and he was White who literally had the Holy Crap beat out of him by City Police in Huntsville, Texas in the 1970’s only because HE WAS GAY and he was told to get the hell out of town.  I mean, I’ll never forget holding this broken man in my arms as he cried and his body vibrated. The man was now SCARED!  He was SCARED.  And I wondered how many others were beaten there in that Jail. Beaten while in Police Custody.

       I had heard rumors, but only seen one factually and I saw that because of a friend who went to get him at the Jail.  Three of us witnessed his beaten and broken body when he took off all of his clothes to show us.  And then, he was taken to the Bus Stop to get the hell out of town.  Sad, such sadness and this was not a Black Thing.  I do have to ASK, were some of the ones doing this beating hired cause they Approved of Beating People? 

      I mean, I think there are some who only understand things if they are beaten.  Yes, I was even asked to beat an Inmate at the Ellis Unit in 1978.  And the Inmate was on his knees begging me to beat him and I wouldn’t do it.  Then the Major grabbed the guy by his belt and dragged him to Solitary and what happened next, I’ll never know.  I wasn’t there.  The man closed the Door to Solitary.  But I often wondered why that Inmate got on his knees and then begged me to beat him and then he started crying.  Such an unnatural act by another human being.  I never beat anyone.  Not to beat them as a form of punishment.  I boxed in the ring. But I didn’t beat anyone. 

     But now, let me get back to what I was originally asking-Who set all those fires?

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is deploying two national response teams of Agents to investigate all those Fires set on all those Businesses.  How many?  Approximately 135 business fires. Burned down to the ground.  Yep, just in the Twin Cities and not The ones in other Cities. The agency is working with local authorities and the F.B.I.

So, if you were a firebug and set just one fire, you gonna reap what you sow.

Please keep the Protesting Clean.  All the World is watching and setting fires and looting is not a Good Message. Not a good way to Remembered.  What if nothing but images of burning buildings are shown alongside Black Lives Matter stories? No, it creates unneeded and unwarranted FEARS in folks and it MAKES THEM SCARED!  Scared Folks is not a good thing.