Welcome to Aggieland! New Home of COVID-19!


Woops!  Is that right?  New Home of the COVID-19?  And here come the Fall ’20 Students.  WTF?  Yep, here in the Home of this amazing University and Blinn Junior College, we are experiencing COVID-19 INFECTIONS worse now than when it all began.  Our Numbers are SCARY and ALARMING.  And it’s from COMMUNITY TRANSMISSIONS.  Holy Cow!  No, it’s more than worrisome.  It can’t get much worse than having all the ICU Beds full with COVID-19.  And if that happens, we’re will they then be sent?  And if you are At-Risk like my wife and I are, it’s on our minds.  We’re already staying home.  We’re already getting Groceries Online.  We’re already doing all we’ve been told to do.  Yes. We’re already doing it, but dang, the numbers are CLIMBING again and when the Students Return, it could mix for a Real Disaster.  A Super Pandemic right here lasting beyond 2020 and maybe into 2022.

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