Your Money’s De-evaluation. And the Hits are coming!

Just when you think things aren’t going to get worse, get ready.  Yes, get READY!  Some monies in the World may see as much as a 75% loss of Value.  Of buying Power.  And guess what, you may be stuck with your own Currency when other Banks won’t SWAP NOTES! 

Yes, this is an area most aren’t discussing Publicly.  But it’s being discussed daily in many Closed Door Sessions.  And this is a huge worry.  What happens when a Buck won’t buy a Banana?  When what bought you a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread is quadrupled.  Yes, Beef Prices have already climbed in the United States for no good, acceptable explanation.  It’s not in the Slaughter Houses.  It’s pure Mafia Price Gouging.  But get ready to see the worse going from bad to super bad.

Yes,  money is going to take some huge hits, it’s unavoidable, and will your Country’s Monetary Value take the biggest hits?  Losing its Value or Worth daily in the days ahead?  Yes, whose Country’s Money will drop like a rock into a deep, deep, the deepest well?  And waking up, you may see your Monies slipping worse than that in Greece.  But get READY…its coming.