Coaches! Athletes! Moms & Dads! Sports World! BEWARE! COVID-19 causes Higher Risks of Heatstroke?

Athletes, Coaches, Colleges, High Schools, Pro Sports-BEWARE!  Yes, be now informed!  Be now WARNED! 

Coronavirus may put your Athletes in a Higher Risk Category for Dying from Working Out or Playing!!!

Please don’t trust me.  No, I’m just like you always reading and hoping I’m reading the real truth.  Well, I read lots of Sources, including our Armed Forces latest News.  And then came out this one and it’s from our Military, but. I know how Athletes and Coaches will push themselves and their players.  But pushing yourselves and your Athletes could get someone KILLED if they have or are coming off a COVID-19 Infection.  Sure, here, read it for yourselves-

COVID-19 could be risk factor for heat illness, Army health experts warn!

And when the U.S. ARMY are warning the Troop Commanders, it’s for real!  It’s a real possibility.  It’s something to pay immediate attention to. 

I would imagine Employers in Heavy Manual Labor Workforces should take this warning also and keep an extra close eye on workers with or coming off a Coronavirus Infection.  Heat stroke is a Killer.

But things are heating up as China has now gone full-blown on its attempts to fend off Coronavirus originating in China.  Why?  Because over a million or more may DIE!  It’s killing the World Economy.  But it gets WORSE.

Europe is Fed-Up with Twitter and Facebook for allowing Russia and China to spread false informations on the Internet preying on peoples anxieties.  Europe is actually considering Laws to prevent these Social Media Giants which are allowing the spread of such falsehoods on their Sites!

Folks, this is sad.  Very sad. But it gets WORSE!  Europe is Fed-Up from China’s falsification of where the CORONAVIRUS started. But it gets WORSE.

Folks, China has taken over most of the manufacturing of Medical Supplies like Masks and PPE Equipment and then HALTED EXPORTS to help only it’s Country.  Sure, makes sense, why not, but it’s time to put manufacturing back in Our Hands in Our Country.  In your own Country.  Sometimes getting something cheaper will and does come back to bite you in the ASS!  And it does with Medical Equipment in a PANDEMIC.

Official Chinese Sources are engaging in unprecedented infodemic to deflect blame for the coronavirus pandemic and promote its OWN response to the virus. Like they were some Hero Folks.

But do you understand about keeping your kid SAFE as an athlete in these PANDEMIC Days?  It’s your son, your daughter.  Don’t let the Coach push them to Death.  Cause some will by merely pushing them.  No, not intentionally.  And yes, they are now seeing STROKES in younger people because of what the CORONAVIRUS is changing in some bodies.  It’s strange.  It’s dangerous.  And we must be AWARE of this New and Real Possibility!!!