A Perfect Storm…

COVID-19, COVID-19, COVID-19, COVID-19.  And if U think it’s OVER, FORGET ALL ABOUT IT!  

Infection Rates are bouncing back!  Very much so, that you better prepare yourself.  You better pinch those pennies more now than ever before.  Don’t even relax you guard.  These Infections numbers are climbing back to where they were when Home Isolation began. 

Arizona’s ICU Units are at 79% Capacity and an Emergency has been Declared. Texas is hitting a new infection Rate. And it’s been seen, yelling and coughing without a Mask spreads the Virus.  Yes, most are being Prudent.  But the few not can cause irreversible damages-infections, hospitalizations, and DEATHS.  So, prepare yourselves, get ready, and pray. 

By the end of July, all may be shaking our heads in dismay.  Another Lockdown won’t happen.  I don’t people will stand for it. 

It will be Herd Rule. 

Yes, Herd Rules.

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