The George Floyd Movement

How are you feeling?  Are the Protests worrying you?  Are you scared?  Are you fearful?  Please, DON’T be.  PLEASE, please, plz. don’t be.  This thing going on is one of the most beautiful things to ever come about.  And it has been in the making since 1640.  Yes!  It started in 1640.  And I know. I know. I know, you wouldn’t know nothing about that.  But youngster, I’m going to open your eyes.  I’m going to take you by the hand and I want you to know I want to END your thoughts of worry.  Your thoughts of fear.  But know this, my own kin John Browne served as a non-Free servant on the Rowland Truelove Plantation.  I found it strange reading about his release and MADE FREE in the following read-

Indentured Servants in Colonial Virginia

Indentured servants were men and women who signed a contract (also known as an indenture or a covenant) by which they agreed to work for a certain number of years in exchange for transportation to Virginia and, once they arrived, food, clothing, and shelter. Adults usually served for four to seven years and children sometimes for much longer, with most working in the colony’s tobacco fields. With a long history in England, indentured servitude became, during most of the seventeenth century, the primary means by which Virginia planters filled their nearly inexhaustible need for labor. At first, the Virginia Company of London paid to transport servants across the Atlantic, but with the institution of the headright system in 1618, the company enticed planters and merchants to incur the cost with the promise of land. As a result, servants flooded into the colony, where they were greeted by deadly diseases and often-harsh conditions that killed a majority of newcomers and left the rest to the mercy of sometimes-cruel masters. The General Assembly passed laws regulating contract terms, as well as the behavior and treatment of servants. Besides benefiting masters with long indentures, these laws limited servant rights while still allowing servants to present any complaints in court. By the end of the seventeenth century, the number of new servants in Virginia had dwindled, and the colony’s labor needs were largely met by enslaved Africans.  So, my own kin was finally Free sometime in 1626 or 1627.

And here comes 1640-

So, let’s start with 1640 and when Slavery all started in America-

Records from 1623 and 1624 listed the African inhabitants of the colony as servants, not slaves. In the case of William Tucker, the first Black person born in the colonies, freedom was his birthright.[35] He was son of “Antony and Isabell”, a married couple from Angola who worked as indentured servants for Captain William Tucker whom he was named after. Yet, court records show that at least one African had been declared a slave by 1640; John Punch. He was an indentured servant who ran away along with two White indentured servants and he was sentenced by the governing council to lifelong servitude as a Slave.  Is this possibly the 1st example of White Privilege?  I mean, this could be the very 1st example where it all began and was recorded.  This action is what officially marked the institution of slavery in Jamestown and the future United States.


1640!  1640!  Wow, that’s a long time away from today.  And then uprisings took place all through History.  And it continued all the way to today.  But when I was Overseas in the U.S. Army, I was suffocated with RACE and RACE ISSUES.  I had it violently shoveled down my throat.  And after many actual Real Fights with Blacks in a very violent game called Combat Football, everyone had the Race Issue quite literally beaten out of you.  Yes, you were beaten down with your race hate.  And then came the mandatory SIT DOWN AND SHUT DA F_ _ K UP! And in these Meetings, you were bombarded with the REAL RACE ISSUES your fellow Black Soldiers and their families were going thru back in America.  And before you left South Korea, General Emerson made damn sure that you understood what the Black Individual was going through back home in the United States.  And yes, I was surprised.  I was alarmed at how things were not equal. 

And yet, here in America,  I am and I have never been near so many other blacks at one time until near the last quarter of my life where most were black men and women whom I worked with in 12 hour shifts.  My hometown was with few in the black community.  And sure, I drove and visited in black neighborhoods with my black friends and was a Best Man in a Black Wedding in 1971. But what I learned Overseas was about Black Communities in Big Cities and in such other Areas where Black men, women, and children were ANGRY and Scared because of how brutally they were dealt with by Law Enforcement, Leaders, and the Job Market.  But here is an Article mentioning the Racial Violence in South Korea-


TONGDUCKON, South Korea —Three outbursts of racial violence erupted among American troops here on Oct, 7, after a period of relative quiet. The incidents apparently touched off outbreaks among American forces elsewhere in South Korea.

This shit WAS serious!  Very, very serious!  Wasn’t no little thing.  It was full blown Violent!  We fought ourselves.  Yes, we fought. And we learned.  Boy, did we learn.

American military authorities at the Second Infantry Division here and at the Army headquarters in Seoul say that despite an extensive investigation they do not know exactly why the violence flared. They are especially puzzled in this division, which has a broad experimental program intended, among other things, to improve race relations among soldiers.

Some of the evidence they gathered after the incidents indicated a conspiracy to foment racial trouble in the division by militant blacks, possibly under the leadership of an underground organization known as the Black Socialist Club.

But the majority opinion here is that the racial fights were set off accidentally during the long Columbus Day weekend by soldiers who had too much to drink and were letting off steam after intensive training.

But afterwards, all of us went through another Intensive Training and it was Race Relations and Accepting EACH OTHER!  And that’s when we were told of Bad Times coming where Blacks were going to the Streets like never before.  And this was told to us by our newfound black friends.  We were told of The Revolution.

And now, a major event has suddenly paralyzed.  But don’t let it paralyze you!  No. Accept what is going on as a very needed and very good thing.  It reminds me of a thing I used to tell the Offenders-As things get better for you, they get better for me.  Now, did you read that correctly? 

Yes, and now, as things get better for all black individuals, it gets better for you, for me, for all of us.  

Now, did you read that last correctly?  Yes, as things get better for all black individuals, it will get better for all of us.  And friends, all but one of my friends are black.  And most cannot say THAT.  But when I decided to write A Panther’s Father Book Series, my best friend who is from New York City, and who is black allowed me to discuss All Issues involved in His Black Life and how White Privilege had affected him and as the years progressed, we discussed damn near every issue and if I thought an issue was going to be very volatile, I pre-warned him and he again, was very cooperative because he knew how important the Book I was writing would be to help in these days of Race.  And one I’ll never understand more was when I asked him to fully explain the use of the “N” word.  And both of us saw times when certain Black Offenders barely could sentence without using the “N” word.  And also troubling I saw were when young whites used the word too because they had a different view of the word and they were ones that had memorized many Black Rap Songs.  And their use of the “N” word was largely overlooked as they sometimes knew the words of some Rap Songs better than anyone. 

But let me take you again by the hand. 

Look, this George Floyd Movement is NOT GOING AWAY!  And it is exploded into a World Movement.  And why? His Death and manner of Death is galvanizing America for Reform!  Simply put, the same Racial Brutality and Injustice and Inequalities are taking place  everywhere!  Taking place all across the World.

        And amazingly, I watched Twitch on the Ellen Degeneres Show being asked with his wife to answer the Finger Questions.  And when each was asked a question if they had been treated unjustly because of the Color of their Skin, put a finger down each time their answer was a Yes. And he had no fingers left at the end of the questions and his wife had put none down.  And I saw this in the Texas Prisons on how the way Offenders and Officers were treated was merely measured by the Tinting of Color on each person.  And the Blacker a person’s skin was, the treatment was more negative.  Yep, the closer to the Color of a White Person ‘s skin coloring on their Skin was, the better they were treated.  Yes, White Privilege was apparent.  Very obvious. And I watched and observed many such discrepancies. 


Strange and odd to view, yet, I was writing a very, very serious book, A Panther’s Father, and I had become a fulltime Observer of Human Behavior.  Yes, I was now an observer of everything I saw and heard. And Racial Treatment stood out at every LEVEL.  With everyone I saw. And I wrote the most beautiful book my Lord gave me to write.  And no. It’s unknown and will until the right person reads all of it.  Then, may be the Lord will set the same fire set into me by the Lord and wake people to reading it.  I know, I know, I know, but I need to continue to share this with you until you too will read it and find out how beautiful it truly is and I’m only repeating what the Reviews have said.

But, now, we are in a great movement, the George Floyd Movement, that will ultimately make things better in America.  Police Brutality is not an acceptable behavior by anyone’s standards.  I am not talking about physical contact to deal with bad disruptive physical behavior by a bad character regardless of the Color of a person.  Regardless of a person’s ethnicity when they are acting in a Violent manner.  But change must happen when wrong is wrong And being done. We must end this.  And right now and in the days and weeks ahead, all of us will see, will witness good, humanitarian actions and also, very mind numbing terrible actions.  But, we must not allow our minds to become overwhelmed.  Just sit back and take a CHILL PILL, no not a real drug.  Take a moment to realize that all of this is needed and necessary for America to Grow.  Yes, it is. Yes, just relax and if you can add in a positive manner, please do so.  But be part of the Solution and don’t belittle what you cannot see if you still live such, that you still do not understand the George Floyd Movement. 

Today, I have to praise Reverend Al Sharpton for delivering one of the best Sermons I have ever heard. His words were beautiful.  I hope you will watch it.

Now, stay the course and no matter where your mind is on all of this, I promise you, there are millions of us Veterans who ARE NOT WORRIED about the Protesting.  I’m not worried at all. And all of us must stand-up for change.  Especially fair and equal treatment of all black individuals. No one are less than human, none of us.

 Sure, all large groups of individuals have the potential to be Violent when just one person starts acting-up.  But, still, they are not entering your home.  They are not pulling anyone out of their cars.  They are not pulling people off transportation like Buses and Trains and Subways.  No, they are not Violently attacking the Police or anyone.  Sure, there are a few bad actors in this, but there always will be and none of us should be “single-focused” on one or a few bad characters. The George Floyd Movement is here and his name has now entered American History forever.  And PLEASE, don’t spend time attempting to tarnish his name.  Nothing justified 8 minutes and 46 seconds on his neck by a Law Enforcement Officer that suffocated him to Death.  A Law Enforcement Officer who had conflict with him in the past.  This appears now to be Premeditated Murder?

God Bless George Floyd and His Family and The George Floyd Movement.