Just this past SUNDAY, the highest number of new COVID-19 infections in ONE DAY occurred.  The Highest!  I’m talking the HIGHEST since these Virus Infections and Deaths started.  Folks, the WORLD is way out of wack on this Virus.  Yes. Everyone is not on the same page.  And because there is such a new DON’T Listen to the Health Experts mentality, the World is ensuring the Virus will be here and ready to kick in on a Vengeful 2nd Wave of this catastrophy.  And it’s going to be a hard-hitting Reality when it does.  This is not a Hope it’s going away.  It’s not and too many may have helped get the Virus during the Protesting all over the World.  These Protests have thrown out all these Health Warnings.  Close quarters during Protests will be back to spread like rocket fuel.  And I’m talking almost No One wearing a Mask at the Grocery Stores too and shopping and other places.  Yes, by the end of July, we should be able to see any affect these past weeks will have on the Virus and New Infections.