Folks,we got tons of Problems and will you help? Really help?

Ever wonder how we get to the problems we got?  Simple.  Everyone let’s the other guy take care of it.  But what happens when the Other Guy doesn’t take care of it?  You want, I want, all of us have Wants.  But it’s easy to talk a good talk and this fixes nothing.

But what happens when you jump on the Fix It Bandwagon?  You yell, he looks, she screams, and all of us look.  But what are we looking at?  Whose gonna fix all the identified Problems?  Most of us see or hear of Problems, but which one of us are going to fix them?  really get involved fix them?  Talking alone won’t do it.

1st Off, whose has the knowledge to fix a Problem?  You got the Expertise in the area where a Problem has been Identified?  And if you do, if you aren’t getting PAID, you gonna just sit back and watch?  Sure, most people don’t have a clue how the simplest of things happen like the Food Chain?  And when it breaks, it breaks down at the most inopportune time.  Sure, it’s always like that. 

It comes down to identifying, having the want to fix the problem, and then comes in-Who is going to fix it?  And more importantly, is there money to pay a Fixer?  Who pays the Fixer?  How does something get fixed?  When there is no money?  

And right now, how many times did you see a Problem and you said something and then. They seemed to listen, but nothing ever got done?   Now, I don’t mean or wish to step on your toes, but let’s look at Police Brutality.  And before I continue, there is NO EXCUSE.  But, are you ready to go all out and Join the Police and Fix The Problem and do your part?  You doing your Full Part or your own Kid?

Are you?  I mean it, are you?  Well, okay, let’s review some stuff for all of you that whispered a soft ‘yes’. You just told all your Protest Buddies that you’re gonna become a Cop and You’ll Fix the Problem.  Great.  Let’s take a look at what you just agreed to.  Okay?

1.  How much extra body fat are you carrying?  Remember, it’s 100 degrees or hotter at times and you’re going to have to have body armour on or similar Vest.  Long Sleeve Shirts and not to mention about 20-lbs of other Work Items you’re gonna need.

2.  You have a Perfect Police Record?  And boy howdy, how many did that take out of this Job?  Tons of folks.

3.  You’re a member of a Gang and I’m not talking the Girl Scouts.  You know, a real gang, but you quit and those Tattoos don’t erase so well, do they?

4.  Passing a Lie Detector Test is no walk in the Park. And don’t worry, when they talk to that Uncle or Aunt, they gonna tell it on you.

5.  And you live in a State that has Legal Weed and U LUV that shit.  And so does your Urine Test that you’re gonna Bust.  But you say, it’s Legal.  But you still can’t be High and be carrying a Gun?

6.  And how athletic are you?  I’m talking Military Basic Training Athleticism.  Well, are you?  You can’t buy those Push-Ups or Sit-Ups. Or running?

7.  And how about all those Social Posts you put up that may make you look so odd or so way out in left field or right field. They won’t hire you.  Yes. All those Facebook Posts and those “Likes” can come back to haunt you.  And you never considered what you were doing was wrong because no one came knocking on your door and told you that it was.

But when the Police Investigation takes place, you’re Whole Life is going to be on Display.  And how about those Relatives in Prison.  Will they come into the Mix?  You’re not planning for it, but even their bad behavior could come back to haunt you.  Yes, it could.

8.  A bad marriage and they talk to the Ex.  Is it going to be good?  I mean this-Your entire life is going to be on Display.

Okay, you pass all the Written and Oral Tests and Interviews and you pass the Police Academy.  And wow, you are on the J O B.  And then comes the real fun.

1.  No one mentioned how incredibly belligerent drunks can be.  Or Druggies can be.  You’re gonna be yelled every Racists word and expletive in the book. But you tough.  You said you was.

No, no one mentioned the arresting of people smeared with Urine, Vomit, and Feces all over their body or clothes and then it’s gonna get on you too.  They’ll even smear it on you. Hey it’s okay, they are out of their mind and even four of you or your fellow Officers are having problems taking a College Football Lineman down after he’s in a Super Rage from smoking Synthetic Marijuana or on LSD.  Or THC.

And their BP is thru the Roof and if they go into Cardiac Arrest, and Dies, your gonna be charged with Homicide.  No. The Autopsy won’t say sure, the Drugs had a Major Impact on that person’s respiratory system and their Heart Rate and their super high BP.  No. When they stopped breathing cause their body simply was completely trying to fix itself.  Well, still doesn’t matter, Autopsy says they died of NO AIR.  And now, you are a Murderer.  And you couldn’t change a thing that all of you did no matter what.  What?  Stop?  Call the Coach and have a football team come tackle him for YOU?  No, it’s done happened and now, you’re a Murderer.

2.  Your ole neighborhood friends are going to want a PASS when you Bust them and will you?  Remember, Body Cam is on.  Or you flirted?  Body Cam is on and now, you’re up for Sexual Harassment.  And it was just you being you like you were in High School.  You didn’t touch them, but your mouth done fixed you good.

And suddenly that million dollar insurance policy you pay for will be put to use for you.  You Big Dummy You.

Folks, I’m in no way taking the side of any  Police Officer using a knee on the someone’s neck issue.  A Law Enforcement Job is hard, family alienating, and just plain difficult with little Love given to these Brave men and women. But what I am saying is that I Retired from the Texas Prison System and the tales I learned from listening to the stuff the Inmates say that they did to Cops would make you NEVER WANT TO BE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT.  They told over and over again about being so Wasted, that they didn’t remember the Cops that arrested them at all. And the Stupid stuff that they did was incredible. Incredibly bad.  Bad, bad behavior. 

Like this one-

Using Rat Poison sprayed on a cookie sheet, DC shocking it. And drying it out and selling it as Meth.  And then talking how the ones that smoked it went completely out of their frigging minds. And they kept coming back for more Dried Out Rat Poison.  And the ones that talked about fentanyl and how dangerous it was and they knew it caused Cardiac Arrest and still SOLD it to their drug buyers.  They knew the Drugs that They were selling caused crazy wild behaviors and or Death, but sold the stuff anyway.  They said those fools would shoot up with dog shit if you told them it would get them HIGH.  

But again. All of us can see problems, but then comes how involved do you want to be to fix them?  Cell Phoning won’t fix them.  Actual getting involved and in-person participation is required. And you must stay the course. One and done won’t fix it.  But you must be willing to be a participant on the side of fixing too. You call down the Heavens on the Cops, but you aren’t willing to become one to fix what is wrong. 

And another thing is this-How long can you work the Drunk Tank before you change?  Yes, dealing with the worst in humans and their drug habits and drunk driving and killing others behind the wheel of a car before you change?  And you say, no, won’t happen to you. Child Molesters won’t bother you?  And I’ll bet YOU, it will.  Yes, you see enough pain in that Uniform, and one day you won’t be able to shake it.  It will change you.  It will Divorce you.  It will kill one relationship after another.  Yes. You will change and you may not even realize it.  But when you are demanding a Solution, you must be willing to be That Solution.  Not talking, not Texting, but walking thru the Door few have gone through before and take that Bull by His Horns and help make America a better place for all of us.

To call out the Cell Phone Issues, but never willing to really, I mean really, to be willing to be involved is like another Chicken Little Tale.  But please, help solve the Problems and make America a better place…4 U & me…4 all of us.