Dirty Campaigning Propaganda has Begun

I’m going to show you just one of the seemingly innocent Advertisements that is a Pop-Up showing up all over the Internet when you are reading about SOMETHING else. It’s simple, innocent looking, but highly provocative to your subconscious.  Yes, while your conscious mind sees it, think again. It’s hitting you in a hard way.  Now before you see it, think why would anyone ask you to compare Trump to Obama?  It’s a Political Trap attempting to set you up to VOTE for Trump in November. 

Yes Sir!  Yes Ma’am! If you disliked Obama, you will automatically think-Wow, I’m voting for Trump because I did not like Obama. I must Vote for Trump because I do not want to VOTE for Obama.  Forget Biden.  Yes, it’s done to set you up to VOTE for Trump and you didn’t even know YOU were being set-up.  You were just hit with Political Propaganda for another reason and now you see how easily Russia attempts to sway your Vote for Trump.  There, you know.  But do you see it?  Yes, brainy-wormy type minds dream this up.  And you’ll see the same thing in Colors that YOU ENJOY seeing.  Yes, they already know your color preferences.


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