Get Ready 4 2nd COVID-19 Tidal Wave

Colleges, you better plan to have all Professors explain to their Classes how the Online Classes will work after everyone departs Campuses once the 2nd COVID-19 Tidal Wave hits.  Yes, it’ll be a Mass Exodus.  But nothing needs to be lost.  Instead of returning to Classes, it’s going to be Classes via Online Plug-ins.  Yes, it’s coming because it won’t ever leave.  

I was and I bet you were hoping that this Summer Heat would kill the Coronavirus away.  But no, the Protesting and coughing in the Crowds from the use of Tear Gas will keep it here.  And the Deaths will ramp up again.

And sure, it’s going to be a similar battle in all the Lower Level Schools.  Folks, it may not be until 2022 before the World gets a handle on this Virus and when the World might begin to look normal.  This Virus and beating it may turn out to be just as difficult as finding a Cure for Cancer.  I know, no one wants to admit that, but this Virus is mutating.  

But, there may be Vaccines to help with it, but never totally block it.  And hopefully, WHO and the World will find ones that will help with the Highest At-Risk individuals.  

But, all schools must HOPE for the best, and plan for the Worse…and we shall see.  But 1st, in a month, we’ll see how much these Protests affected the Nation’s Infection Rate.

And what’s going to be very interesting is how Sports deals with a player or Coach coming down with the Virus?  Will games be forfeited?