A Letter I sent to an Officer in Our U.S. Army

Below is a Letter I actually sent to a friend of mine in the U.S. Army and he’s an Officer.  Yes, I wrote and sent it to him. I am not suicidal.  I just can see where Trump wants to take and misuse our Military in a most foul and evil manner.  Is my letter an act of Treason?  Some would say yes.  I say, please DON’T kill any Americans. Trump’s Overreaction is Scary.  Way too scary.  Only a Fool would send out the TROOPS.  This is such a Putin Type Action.  I am actually worried about the Mental State of Mind Trump is in.  It’s scary…


Do you remember my asking you if you would one day give an Order to your Troops to Open Fire into a Crowd of Americans?  Would your Oath propel you to Kill Americans over Property, over other acts of Civil Disobedience?  Like in all other Riots, property can be replaced.  Lives cannot.
We were taught Riot Training in the U.S. Army and went into one Overseas in South Korea.
But what we learned is how incredibly crushing all the crowded people pushing together  created.  And in the End, we were ANGRY with the Captain who ordered us into it.  It was everything we could do to get back out of it. But we used little to take into the Crowd thousands of people.
We had Shields and Batons.  Walking while interlocking our legs in a weird lunging motion.  No Tear Gas, No Stun Grenades. No Rubber Bullets.  No weapons at all.
Well friend, if you ever decide that you must shoot into a Crowd of American Protestors, please let me know so I can be at the front of the Line marching with these Unarmed Protesters.
If they are killed, then this America won’t be worth living in.
Trump is way to ready to declare Marshal Law and use Our Brave Military to promote White Rich America like the Trump’s.
He’s a Bipolar Fool for the rest of us…an Idiot!  A Damn Fool.
Thank you.
Later…your friend always
James Brown 👍