A Perfect Storm-an Analysis of the Black Protesting

A Perfect Storm-an Analysis of the Black Protesting


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          Can I ask you something?  Are you one?  I mean this.  Are you one of the over 40-Million Americans that have signed-up for Unemployment Benefits?   And I am, in no way, offended or trying to offend you by asking.  But I am asking this because the 1st Protesting was all in all for the Right Reasons and that is Social Injustice.  Racial.  Deaths of Blacks while in Police Custody and the never-ending killings caught on Video that appear to have been the Deaths of Innocent Individuals that had only done minor crimes at the most.  And again, it’s all been for the best of reasons and rightfully so.  But now, the protests are turning towards or leaning towards those Murky Waters that are always best left alone, but here they are and Yes, we’re in it now.  Yes, America is in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time and coming off a Pandemic is no time for the rest of the story to be played out.  No, not the best of time at all.

          When I was in College, I did look-up and review what caused the Civil Unrest in America’s Past and it’s a similar picture as to what it is today.  I studied the Watts Riots and I wrote about the LA Riots in the book above.  Such turmoil in America.  So many questions, so few real answers.

         As the 20th century unfolded, the efforts of many whites to deny black people equal opportunities in housing, employment, and politics took on ever uglier aspects, not just in the South but also in Northern cities to which African Americans from the rural South had begun migrating. In the “Red Summer” of 1919 (so named for the blood spilled), race riots occurred in some 25 cities. One of the worst occurred in Chicago beginning on July 27, following the stoning and drowning of an African American youth who had drifted into an area of a beach on Lake Michigan tacitly reserved for whites. Fighting broke out between gangs and mobs of both races and escalated for 13 days, resulting in the deaths of 23 black and 15 white Chicagoans. More than 500 people were injured, and some 1,000 black families were left homeless.

         And if you wish to read all about the above and many others, then please check out-




        But like I said, the Protests taking place in America today are now entering some very murky waters.  No, not all of them.  It’s just some bad characters are entering them with their own Agendas.  And exactly why is that?  Well, when you have over 40-Million Americans that have Lost their JOBs just sitting at home and they just are coming off a long Home Isolation Period.  They are pissed.  Well, that only acts to add to the Powder Keg and it’s about to or is very much Ready to Blow. 

       And the Death of George Floyd was only the Match that started the taking to the Streets.  His Death was horrific.  But this one, this very Big One Birth of these present Protests has been coming since the 1970’s.  Yes, while Overseas, all of us Soldiers discussed the Race Issues back home with our fellow Soldiers and my Black Friends all warned us that the Biggest and Largest Protests and even, quite possibly, the largest Riots to ever take place were coming. 

        And when I got back, I saw it from my new vision.  I was told And yes, there it was.  And it was all about just not treating our fellow man the same.  But then comes the deeper and darker picture that no one wants to discuss.  And that is why in the heck has all of this been going on for so long?  Some point to last 400 years.  And that may be completely the truth. 

          Did everyone just think that watching these innocent Deaths of Black men being gunned down by Law Enforcement while in Custody was merely going to wash away? 

         Maybe in one City, but not all of them.  No, the pain of that Viewing did hit it the spot, it did kick-in the door in most folks’ brains as-Hey, this can’t be right.  How can anyone kill anyone RUNNING AWAY?  Shooting them in the Back and hey, one death after another shows so much White Hatred in some of these folks that I’m ashamed to be called White too.  This is shameful actions.  It’s almost as if some of these folks are still head locked in the Civil War Days.  And these foolish Whites think they are the Masters? 


And if you wanna know about the next. Then “click” on the above!

12 times the President called in the military domestically

        No, you’re not the Master of anyone.  I’m somewhat confused as to where did you get your hatred?  Where?  And I think a bunch of that is from maybe watching the wrong Movies over and over.  Or is it that you run with only others that hold your same Hatreds?  But let me be plain, you have caused something that is going to get mighty ugly before it gets better.  By coming out with Open Racial Hatreds that is FILMED and gone Viral, well, you’ve helped because whatever comes next, you helped create it.  And exactly how bad is it going to get?

         Wow!  That’s a Million Dollar Question and 1st of all, let’s dive more deeply into the Why’s of all of this that can now come?  An Open Admission that must be admitted is that the reason that there has been a disadvantage Cap placed on Black men and women is because White Rich America has decided it to be that way.  Yes, Rich White America.  And no, not all the Other 95% of White People who barely scratch for an existence in America.  They are not the issues.  No, the Super Rich Billionaires have met for a very long time in extremely secret Meetings, far more secret than any Illuminati meetings, deciding what happens and who gets what-yes, they RULE all of us. 

       Just like the Mafia Family divides stuff up in many ways.  But I’m not talking about New Money, I’m talking about the Old Money like the Trumps and so on.  Yes, they are the ones that decided why a Black Person gets paid so much less than others and how blacks are to be treated.  They allowed it to be that way.  And the putting a knee on a person’s neck was approved by them and it’s in Law Enforcement Videos all over the place.  Part of it must be from training, Single Person Law Enforcement, and simply put-Black Hatreds.  But overworked Law Enforcement might be a factor as well. 99% of Law Enforcement are Law Abiding men and women and they treat all equally.  It’s that 1% of bad characters, bad Actors that put a negative spin on all of this.  But a black father and a black mother should NOT EVER have to teach their kids how to act during a Traffic Stop.  Their Fear is Real.  

          Everything, yes everything comes with the Approval of the Rich OLD MONEY Whites in America.  Again, not anywhere close to the other 95% of Whites.  And if they played along, then it was because they were fooled by Rules laid down from above also.

          So many don’t have a clue where these Rules come from?  They are Laws enacted by the Rich White People to benefit the Rich White People.  Plain and simple.  And most people that they use are merely Puppets on their Strings.  Yes, they are.  And until you can see this picture, I just painted for you, then you will never be able to move farther in your development as a whole person.  But I am not writing to blame folks.  That’s not the picture I want to leave you with.  No, not at all.

          But how far will the Protests go?  By next weekend, I’m guessing 50% of all U.S. Cities will have Protests, both Violent ones and non-Violent as well.  And the following weekend, the number of Cities will grow until it may very well grow to 100% of all U.S. Cities. 

         And yes, it fully does have that potential.  But there are many factors that are helping to propel it along now.  Yes, the dynamics have been fully changing as I write.

          Many other factions are now planning to jump Onboard the bandwagon on all of these Protests, and they will be there just to see how they can upset the Show and make it about them or their causes as well.  The Communist Party will be out in force.  The Fascist Party will be out in force.  And even White Supremacy Groups will add their 2 Cents to all of it.  These other bad characters will bring the Protests into Murky Waters. 


Authorities identify federal officer killed in Oakland during George Floyd protest

The FBI’s San Francisco field office said the officer, Dave Patrick Underwood, died after someone fired at him from a vehicle.

         And acts like this will fuel, will send America into the Murky Waters.  But in order to do all of this, all of it comes down to having Leaders and Plans.  The Plan is to Protest, and the Leader is the Internet!  Yep, good ole buddy,  everyone’s little bit buddy, the INTERNET.  Without it, you won’t know who is doing what where.  And don’t forget the Cell Phones and they will be blowing-up for the fair de well.  But the main ingredient is Angry Americans.  Yes, very, very pissed-off Americans.  And this is where the Locked-Up Unemployed come out and join in the ruckus.  And make no doubt, it will be a mighty ruckus.  And then when you add the worst person to have in the Oval Office who exhibits his spineless behaviors at this time, get ready for even more problems. 

I have a hard time believing the man has an ounce of sympathy in his entire body for anyone except himself.  And with all of his past Rhetoric of compounding Lies, that doesn’t help anything either.  And then here comes the Bipolar Tweets like a secret Spaceship has arrived giving him what to say. 


And it all adds up to MISTRUST when America needs to see a person that everyone can trust in Office.

            I do believe that GOD is punishing America for electing Donald Trump as President.  I know, I know, I know.  You just cringed.  But man oh man. Trump has Blood on his hands.  Lots more blood than you may have ever known about.  So, much, he ordered the civilian Deaths to no longer be Reported.   1st all of his many Drone Killings killing Civilians-and an apology you’ve never heard about, 2nd the Pandemic and now, the PROTESTS where he wants to Fight the Protestors. And everyone says he isn’t to blame.  Folks, I do believe God is pissed at America and He is mostly Pissed at President Trump.  I do.  YOU may too.  But all of us can think as we will.   But I am not happy that Trump is in the Oval Office at such a time and if anyone can make it worse, it surely is him.  His Tweets have only added Fuel and only a Bipolar person would engage in such bad character activity.  Or does he have a Split Personality or is it that he’s just acting like the Rich Kid he has always been all of his life and he only Cares about himself.  Billionaire Kids aren’t responsible for their Actions.  Remember that one or did you never see that before until now?

       Most of them can kill any of us and get away with it.  Well, it’s the truth for sure. But okaying Rubber Bullets to be Fired upon American Citizens is such a Putin Action and So Israel firing Rubber Bullets against the Palestinians. Please remember, 99% of these Protestors are Law Abiding Americans.  Your fellow emoyees.  Your neighbors.  And when you look hard enough. You’ll see me in a wheelchair.

RUBBER BULLETS?  These bullets  can blind and still kill a person. Yes, they are dangerous to use.

It’s completely UNAMERICAN and this one item will cause many Veterans to become very UPSET.  You don’t SHOOT FELLOW AMERICANS! And Trump is calling for Governors to be more Aggressive in attacking Protestors.  Even with greater force than Rubber Bullets…this takes it to a whole nother ball game, and it could get very Violent and is that what the Oval Office is praying for?  What he wants? 

         I wonder for sure.  I do.  But do get ready for more Protests and more Violence and if you go to Protest, please keep your actions and words peaceful and correct and not inciting Violence.

         Look folks, it’s time to call a Spade a Spade and this Word has nothing to do with Race.  And Trump is a Spade!