Down the Rabbit Hole We Go…searching for a Miracle!

Everytime I think of Vaccines, I admit, I do cringe.  Yes, I’m partially scared of them.  And I know, I know, I know.  You’ll never see me unless you put my shoes on.  Size 16 4E.  And why do I cringe?

  I cringe because of the Polio Vaccine.  And after I got that Vaccine, I Wake-Up to many unforgettable image after I got Polio.  But it’s strange how we remember things-

1.  Being Badly beaten in a toy room by a child with a mental disorder. And unable to defend myself.  I mean, a vicious beating.

2.  The wheelchair rides down the hallway looking at other kids in the Iron Lungs.

3.  The naked, bare chest. Who’s?  Mine and my Uncle playing daily War Games all over my Bare Chest with these plastic toy Army Men and related War Material.  I watched.  He played.  But he played with such gumption.  Such intensity.  Maybe to keep my Spirit alive inside of me?  Maybe, could be?

4.  The Doctors hitting my knees with a little knee mallet and watching nothing happen.  And me, always wondering-Why’s this man in the White Coat hitting my knees?  

5.  And just the emptiness of it.  The complete feeling of emptiness.  I’m thinking only a kid ever learns to know that one. I knew it very well.  I was a living sponge absorbing all of it.

6.  And I’ll never forget Two Saltine Crackers in a single Plastic Wrapper.  Yes, I learned that one too.

But, I do keep my eye on Hope that all of us have right now that someone will come up with a Vaccine that everyone will call a Miracle.  And as I’m writing this, I’m thinking of all the Miracle stories of people surviving who faced unbelievable Odds with long stays in the Hospital.  Or the woman that still Tests Positive after ten weeks.  Yes, they are all out there.  But the staggering Death Toll continues to loom over mankind’s head. Sad numbers. 

And suddenly, many things have taken different Priorities.  But all of us still can love each other.  Yes, all of us can do that.  We can.  Oh yeah, we can and we need love now more than ever.  But the Pendulum has surely swung the longest way away from normalcy for many.  Many are stuck in starvation now worse than before.  But there is still Hope that all of this will eventually correct itself so we can once again WATCH on TV or the Radio the World Leaders doing all sorts of weird things.  Yes, good, bad. And the Stupid that they will do and that will give everyone something to mull over like Cows sitting down re-chewing over our already eaten food.  But the one drawback I read about with Vaccines is that Some Cells that they attached something to may be recognized as an Enemy Cell our bodies have already fought and kill the Vaccine very quickly.  In other words, a flu bug gets a CARRIER Buddy attached to it and then it’s injected into our Bodies. It’s one that looked very promising, but our bodies recognized the Flu Bug and our own Bodies Wipe it Out.  And one was Reported already having a 4% Success Rate, but that’s still a 96% Failure Rate.  But who knows, you might be one of the 4% that need it and it works in your body.  

And this brings up a very important point.  I, for one, believe that all of us are going to need a Multiple of Vaccines to Wipe Out Coronavirus or they will be necessary to set our Bodies up to be able to defeat it. Not just one, but a Multiple of Mutated Versions of the Original Coronavirus from Wuhan.  Yes, they all come down to an original Virus out of Wuhan, China. And I’m not in a blame game here.  It’s where it came from. But they’ve Mutated. keeps Posting on Twitter Genome Sequencing from all over the World and you can see how the Mutations are taking place. It’s interesting to see this.  But it may be a bad thing and the reason that more than one Vaccine may be needed in any one Area in the World.

But keeping with my own researching about the Vaccine Developments, here is an exert that I found interesting from the following site-

In the absence of an existing, safe, effective vaccine for a pathogen (i.e., absent proof of clinical efficacy and safety), the risks and uncertainties in developing a new vaccine can be broadly divided into two categories: “biologic uncertainty”—the inherent biological ability of the candidate vaccine to elicit a protective immune response in humans with a safety profile that results in a positive benefit-risk balance; and, “execution uncertainties and risks”—the successful performance of literally thousands of tasks required to develop the vaccine. The subfactors that determine “biologic uncertainty” are perhaps the most difficult to overcome because most are largely immutable. Two dominant parameters that underlie “biologic uncertainty” are the safety/tolerability and the efficacy of a candidate vaccine. Unlike execution risks, such as the underlying failure rate of a production run under a given set of operational conditions, biologic uncertainties have a relatively binary outcome—the candidate vaccine does or does not have a favorable benefit-risk profile—that remains largely unchanged under a given set of epidemiologic conditions. Relatively because the outcome measures, such as efficacy and effectiveness, have inherent variability around the point estimate. This article revisits previously described key parameters of biologic feasibility proposed to determine the “certainty-of-success” (also referred to as the “probability of success”) in developing prophylactic vaccines1, but now in the context of coronaviruses.

Well, that’s it for NOW.  We’ve got a good ways to go before we know the success of the upcoming Vaccines.  And the 2nd Wave Of the Virus may give the Vaccines the best chance to show how capable they are…but it is like the below target-and see, these Vaccines will be hitting all over it-and some WON’T get close…

bullseye center illustration round
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