Economic Impact Payment Debit Card-here’s what you get…

How we got our $1200 per person Stimulus Payment-a Visa Debit Card!

Finally after much confusion and various statements being sent out in the Media about getting a $1200 Stimulus Payment when you DID NOT SUPPLY a Banking Account number, we got ours this last week of May, 2020.  How did we get Ours?  It came this week and it’s a

Visa Debit Card

Sadly, I see many tossing this one in the trash by not even opening it while thinking it’s another Credit Card Attempt sent to their address. 

 Sure, everyone was told the $1200 per person Stimulus Payment would be sent via a paper check with the President’s name on it. 

But no, it’s a Debit Card. 

And you can read what it says as this is the one we got-now you know.  The real deal, not Fake News.  And I have no other information about any other Stimulus Payments or their possible means of payment.  I don’t know.  But I do know what you can see for yourself as this is the one we got filing-Jointly on our 2019 Tax Return.