America, welcome back to Space! And welcome to America Today!


Today was one of the most Historic Days in American History-America has launched American Astronauts back into



A great day indeed. 

But alongside this Historic Event.

There is another History Event taking place on American Soil.  Americans of all Color are Marching alongside each other, they are United, they are Proud, they are Correct, they are STANDING TALL for the same Rights as all Americans.  And their MESSAGE IS CLEAR!

AMERICA WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE THE HATRED OR THE ABUSE OR THE KILLINGS OF ANY BLACK PERSON OR ANYONE OF ANY COLOR WHILE IN POLICE CUSTODY!  And those that partake in such heinous Crimes or Activities or Tolerate such will face the Fullness of Prosecution and Fullness with Appropriate Prison Sentences!  

Here, read about America’s History and Protests that are taking place-

Two Military Units have been put on “Ready Alert” to Mobilize with 4 Hours Notice from two different Forts.