Solving Problems from Afar…for the kids

Right now, there are many problems facing many people.  Real Problems. And no matter how hard each of us might try, none of us can solve another’s PrObLeM.  No, not REALLY.  Sure, talk is easy.  And remember when your mother kissed a spot hurting in you like when you fell down playing a game or just learning to ride a bicycle?  It felt good to know someone cared that much for you.  But once we’ve left the nest, not many have a similar love or caring for any of us.  And sure, lovers come and go until we may find the one we’ll live with.  Maybe have some kids and continue thru life with. But our kids are why we must each rise up to this Occasion of Crisis. 

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As I write, I know problems facing you, here in America, may be completely upside down compared to a person in one of the other 87 Countries that will read this Blog Post as you are now.  Sure, some are exactly the same.  Finding that next Meal?  Finding a strong roof over your head?  Just getting to listen to a Radio.  Yes, some have no clue how far many in the World are from the Media Blitzkriegs the rest of us are bombarded with.  And knowing the beauty of just sharing pictures is one of the reasons I often times just share amazing and wonderful Pictures I’ve taken or those I’m sharing taken by others.  Pictures mostly don’t carry the baggage sometimes attached with them.  

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Just imagine not ever seeing a TV your whole life except in a Store Window.  And I remember the great joy of a young boy whom I gave my 9-Volt am-fm Radio to Overseas while just outside their family’s Straw House next to a rice paddy.  There was no electricity for miles.  But for that Boy, he was suddenly awakened to a World he’d never known.  And on that small Radio, I had listened to Wolfman Jack’s Radio Show.  And for me. That little Radio had given me many hours of music.  

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But as I’ve watched technology evolve, so has the problems that come with it.  And I’m dating an idea that keeps coming back, just saying that this one problem I’m seeing is that people just can’t “compartmenize” the vast amount of knowledge being thrown at them.  And it’s being hurled at everyone at light speed. 

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At Warp speed.  But still, many of us are getting upset about things we’ll never be able to solve.  Sure, they’ll line-up every thing that will break your heart or touch an emotion inside of you, but many never care about you in the least.  They want your sympathy, but they want your monies more.  $$$.  So, be careful there. 

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But honestly, there is a huge need for everyone to help in this Pandemic.  Yes, this is the biggest problem facing many people.  And I’m talking just finding and getting food.  Food and water.  So, if you are ever able to help, then please do.  And am I now hitting on your emotions.  No, I’m just sharing what I’m seeing.  And the thing I’m seeing now a lot is that many of these once small, seldom discussed, food distribution centers, local ones, are now feeding a great many more people than ever before. 

People, the World is quickly falling to unemployment.  Yes, as more and more items that once were being bought.  Well, now, those items aren’t being bought and as the supply line backs up, so do the need for workers making that product slow down to where they become unemployed.  And when the work dries up, the money for food disappears. 

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And sure, other Arenas of life are now affected as well.  Hospitals laying off workers is alarming.  The things all of us are seeing all over the World is alarming.  Protests here for social justice is not alarming as it is needed to address an issue of unfair treatment. 

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But most of all, always keep putting one foot in front of the other as each of us keeps moving forward.  Yes, one day, this will be behind us and each of us will remember so many things.  Always keep a happy, positiveness about ourselves because each of us. By our words and actions are always being subjected to observation by others.  And each of us can either give off a glow or not.  But, we must make a conscious decision to do that.  And if you do it daily, it will come natural and tons of folks will come see you.  Just like you came to see what this American has to say on this Blog. You came to see me.  And I’m cool with that.  But imitation is supposed to be the best part of flattery.  Maybe it is and I’ve had many say that they try to imitate how I write and how I Blog Stuff. Okay. That’s fine.  But always remember, I’m just a man from one Country and I don’t always put up good stuff worth your reading.  Sometimes, I say dumb stuff.  I’m far from perfect.  But I do keep trying to get things right or make them better. And sometimes, I flop. Yes, I flop. 

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But again, please help share food to the ones seeking a meal.  We must keep each other alive and our heads above the murky waters of this Pandemic.  Thanks for coming…bye