Watts-Up, Riot Time?


White Folks be scared when they Call Out the National Guard when they Fear a Protests…and that’s what they just done and did, they called out the National Guard in Minneapolis….Hmm.



Gov. Walz activating National Guard amid protests, looting after death of George Floyd

Riots4 (2)

Haunting Images of LBJ and his big Fat Cigar in his Mouth and others while America burned in Watts and then there was Rioting.  And then came the LA Riots.  And now, which Riots will outdo the others?  

As Much as I hate to say it.  This may be the Time when the Black Community Releases some deep seeded Hatreds for all the unnecessary killings of Blacks while in Police Custody and innocently gunned down. 

God is Punishing America!  1st the Pandemic with over 100,000 Dead and now this?  God knows.  Yes, God knows.

jea 1836 Protests Riots and Looting

And will you take Part?  I hope not in a Violent Manner.  But I do see the need for Peaceful Protests.  These Injustices cannot continue.  No, not ever more.  No, NOT NO MORE!!!  No more Excuses!!!