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Hey. Is that Money we’re passing so quickly? At Warp Speed?  Spending Money at Warp Speed?  But Operation Warp Speed?

A lofty ambiguous GOAL for sure.  And millions are praying a Successful Conclusion to the end of this Deadly Pandemic.  Sure, I’m one of those praying.  And also, it’s unfortunate a 2nd or 3rd or 4th Wave most likely will come.  And which will be the Worse?  I just don’t have a clue.  Another one from China?  Maybe, or from some other place.  Nobody knows.  But a betting person would lay odds on it being from China again.  And no matter where your rueful viewing of where this one came from, it is still now pretty convincing that this has a known place of Origin.  An exact source I believe will eventually come to bare.  But dang, what a Death Toll and still going to get much worse?  But I’ve been reading many strange things like this one-

An extraordinary 110 COVID-19 vaccines are in development, and eight candidates—four from Chinese companies—have entered small trials in people, according to an 11 May update from the World Health Organization (WHO). But there’s less than meets the eye in many of the efforts, says a vaccine veteran who asked not to be named. “Half of them are companies that have three guys, an administrative assistant, and a dog.”


A Dog?  WTF?  Is that a non-humorous approach on how inept or how corrupt or how impossible the task of finding a working Vaccine truly is?  I’m thinking impossible is most likely the real outcome.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid Herd Immunity is gonna play out for the larger part and maybe the Death Toll hasn’t even happened yet.  But on the other hand, maybe the Dog will find us a cure.  Sure, a dog.  Why not.  The effects of this Pandemic are insurmountable.  Unbelievable!  Yes, they are!  While great many of Front Line Workers have risen to the Cause of their Professions, millions of others have been Laid-Off, furloughed, or Fired. 


Hospitals are dropping employees like spilled Milk.  And even Doctors are being dropped like hot rocks.  Hopefully, only the Sorry Ones are being dropped.  Yes, some are simply not as good as OTHERS.  Some have bed manners worse than a bed pan.  But no matter, this Warp Speed endeavor does have a pretty Star Wars name to it. 

But will the real outcomes come close to the money it’s going to devour?  And I’m talking A Texas Twister couldn’t do a better J O B of making money disappear.  Maybe, the Dog will get a new bone.  Lol.  But my bad, none of this by any means is a laughing matter.  I still believe India will beat all the rest on a Vaccine. i just do and I got a real good feeling for India. I do.

But one thing that the Dog might create is a Frankenstein DISEASE!  A DISASTER.  A real one.

Yes. One that will create a SUPER Plague. Yes, there is a highly dangerous aspect of all of these Vaccines going into Human Trials and yes, there could be a 1/110 Chance of something very, very bad occurring. But add that to over 110,000 Human Test Subjects. And yes, SOMETHING Hideous, very bad being birthed upon us all could take place. One Bad One, a Super Bad,  that could eradicate 1/2 of the World Population.  Or worse! 

I know, I know, I know.  No one wants to see that ugly possibility even mentioned.  But it is a Stark reminder of How Great Man Believes Himself to be.  Greater than God?  I think not.  But some will argue still the same. And where Money is being given away, the Carnies will line-up to get their share for Fool’s work. And lots of Out-Of-Work Doctors might even jump to grab some fast cash.  Who knows how far and into which Rabbits Holes Bad Money will be tossed down.  Bad by intention or bad by lack of understanding? 

Knowing what your doing looks pretty in a Slide Presentation when done properly.  But some Bad Data, we all know, will never be revealed like making nothing but Human Tests using nothing more than Placebo Shots giving no Medication and then merely saying-The Test Failed.  But, they’ll get their monies still.  Not possible?  Just wait, lots of interesting things are going to come out next year or the years afterwards.  But I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I don’t have a Rabbit’s Foot.  But will one Company or collaboration of Companies successfully create a true Vaccine that the entire World can have good access to?  I hope so…and THAT’S right, one that the entire World has full ACCESS TO IT!  Free works best.  I’m all in with FREE!