LIFE OF A KING-a 5-STAR AMERICAN BLACK DRAMA FILM!  Everyone Lists this Movie as an American Drama.  No, this is MORE THAN THAT, it is an AMERICAN BLACK DRAMA!  Is there a problem with me saying the word B L A C K? 

Life of a King

is what it is and it’s Superb!

5-Star Movie Rating 


the living breathing James Brown, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

       Friends, Mi Amigos, Mi Compadres, this is one of the best all around American Black Dramas that I only had the Opportunity to View on YouTube just today.  And THANK YOU!  Yes, this is one of a kind American Black Dramas that hits hard and is emotionally charging forward straight into your face.  Get ready to brace yourself!  Don’t miss a second and I have seen it six times now.  And it keeps getting better each time.  A single Viewing of any Movie is not a Justice to the Script Writers, Actors, Producers, Actresses, Directors, and the all the others who had input in this one.  Yes, that’s right. 


         Get ready to have your Face Slapped Around with the Raw real World.  That real world no one wants to see.  And it’s not a pretty image.  No, not in any kind of way.  But somehow, for one reason or another, some one always seems to comes up and out of all the outrage and struggles and comes to the rescue of others.  That one person.  That one mentor.  That one person who will take the puns and slangs and arrows and still walk tall.  Will you come along with as Cuba Gooding Jr. reaches within himself to come reaching deeply from a calling, from the inner calling nagging at him?  Yes, will you be the one that can and does do what He does or his character does?  And very interestingly, this Movie is based on a True Story and not fiction.  And the True Ones are the ones no one can walk away from.  No, when they done it, give them the floor cause they earned it…and you better pay good attention cause you only going to get it once.  You’re the Adult, remember?


       But Lord, get ready to see some of the Best Acting I have seen Cuba do in any other Movie that brings me to suddenly remember Men of Honor.  In Life of a King, His Character, Eugene Brown, is one that I know exists all too well. Just out of Prison and then what you going to do when no one wants to Hire you and now, in a Pandemic World, the Job Searching will even get tougher.  But do you have the strength to find yourself, to build true, real manhood of character within yourself?  Prison has broken many a man.  And yet, there are those that come together with a new kind of fullness that is almost a healing that others are drawn to.  These men and women of a greater Courage are once in a Lifetime Lifeguards for all of us. Yes, they are the healers in a World needing healing.  But pain and pain and pain is no exception in this movie.  It will take you down and you better bring a tissue or two cause its a painful ride at times.  And remember, they just kids.  Just kids.  Only kids.  And some forced too young to make very Adult decisions.

         Seeing City Inner Life and the real grasp it has on people that have never known any other way than it is troubling to view.  But the message is so very DEEP!  It is a Healing of Deepness unlike most will ever experience in their own lives.  And the Detention Center kids are on a plane of right or wrong.  Of choices of good or bad.  And which will they pick?  Prison, Death, or something greater than themselves?  A chance to move out of the Inner City and it’s trappings?  But again, the Acting is so Right on the Spot!  So perfectly put in motion.  Yes, every line.  Every “crenching”.

But a couple of lines put out by the Wikipedia.Org post has this to say-

Tahime advances to the final match and faces one of the best players in the country, J. Thomas Gaines. Tahime puts up a good fight but ultimately loses. Nonetheless, Tahime gets a standing ovation from his supporters in the crowd. A representative of the Urban League gives her card to Eugene, saying she wishes to help him go to college. Gaines tells Tahime that “that was the first time I’ve been scared all year.

But this is one of the Best Movies I have ever watched and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  Across the Country, there are Young Men and Women facing similar issues, similar problems.

             And one of the things I remembered after watching this Movie was where a District Court  Judge went asking all the prospective Jurors was this thing and it has always stuck with me-Are you the Type for Holding a Youngster responsible for one careless act against them for the rest of their Lives, not ever giving them a second chance, not ever, no matter how they might change?  Let me see your hands if you would give a Youth that Second Chance. 

And it always stuck with me and not a single hand went up except this one Black Game Warden who was later Fired for going to the Gym for working-out on State Time.  How queer is that?  To run down the Bad Guys, but only do it from your Vehicle?  I have always believed anyone in a JOB where Physical Apprehension might take place, then those taking such action should be allowed to Work-Out whenever they feel the need.  It is a STRESS-RELIEVER and Lord, the Law Enforcement Officers need some blowing off steam time.  Well, don’t they?  Or have they been taught the wrong way to deal with the Public when they take someone down?  I mean, I see Law Enforcement take down and then put hen knees on the apprehended’s neck in too many Videos and that had to have been from a Teaching Method that must be changed.

             Sorry, for the side-tracking, but the recent, once more killing of an innocent Black Man while in Police Custody in the News needs to END!  That shit is No Way to Act.  No Way to be against an innocent person who is not doing any harm to you?  Really?  That’s a Thug’s Life to do that sort of thing.  But it keeps taking place all across America and IT HAS TO STOP!!!  And that’s enough now.

But hey, this Movie is a Great Movie and I salute the Actors and Actresses whose  Characters they played really tucked it in and it was a Great Thing, SO VERY RELEVANT in America Today and for bringing to life a Damn Good Flick!  Way to go!  Very meaningful and very thought provoking and again, are you a Eugene Brown?  Do you have it in you?  I wish you luck and I hope that you do.  Please Watch it…do enjoy!




The film debuted at the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival and had its general American release on January 17, 2014 by Millennium Entertainment.[4][5]


Life of a King received mixed reviews from critics. Review aggregation website Metacritic gives a rating of 52 out of 100 based on reviews from seven critics, which indicates “mixed or average” reviews. The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 38% approval rating with an average rating of 5.3/10 based on 13 reviews.


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