Hong Kong, wouldn’t want to be in your shoes right now cause Dragon CHINA is Coming…

Change is coming to Hong Kong in just the blink of an eye. Protestors, Protestors. Protestors!  

Thanks to your unrelenting grasping of the streets and more, China is now going to bring Hong Kong under Chinese Mainland CONTROL!  Forget the Protesting, now, the Dragon has been awoken.  And now. It’s taking aim at All of You in Hong Kong.  Soon, Hong Kong will be a New and the latest Chinese Province.  But what is a Province?  


Provincial-level administrative divisions (simplified Chinese省级行政区traditional Chinese省級行政區pinyinShěng-jí xíngzhèng qū) or first-level administrative divisions (simplified Chinese: 一级行政区; traditional Chinese: 一級行政區; pinyin: yī-jí xíngzhèng qū), are the highest-level Chinese administrative divisions. There are 34 such divisions claimed by the People’s Republic of China, classified as 23 provinces (Chinesepinyinshěng), four municipalities, five autonomous regions, and two Special Administrative Regions. The political status of Taiwan Province and a small fraction of Fujian Province are in dispute, which are under separate rule by the Republic of China.


Every province on mainland China (including Hainan Province) has a Communist Party of China provincial committee (Chinese: 省委; pinyin: shěngwěi), headed by a secretary (Chinese: 书记; pinyin: shūjì). The Committee Secretary is effectively in charge of the province, rather than the governor (Chinese: 书记; pinyin: shūjì) of the provincial government.[4]

And I know, I know, I know.  Most of us have no clue what is Hong Kong.  You remember, we’ve seen it in Movies all the time.  But what is Hong Kong?  National Geographic has an excellent explanation-


And forget any Storm Clouds.  Chinese Troops, most likely, will soon take control in the Streets.  Yes, Hong Kong, your Days and Nights of Fondful Memories of Freedoms will be Lost.  And many will soon be transferred to Mainland China for the Three or Four Generation of Mandatory Re-Education where your Entire Family will be placed in Work Camps.  Only the children of the 3rd or 4th Family will be allowed to leave.  And that is such a sad thing to think about, but once the Dragon is awoken, it will not sleep until it has been fully Fed.  So, now the World will get to see How Hong Kong Survives…and how far China will go in it’s final Controlling Intervention of Hong Kong may prove to be Something Eye-Opening to Watch from abroad.  But once Hong Kong’s Facelift is over, China will be the only one smiling.

Yes, it’s too late.  China has Spoken and Hong Kong will now awaken.  But hey, all are Chinese, so I DON’T expect tons of Violence other than fists fights and broken noses, legs, and arms.  Not like there will be a Gun Violence Issue.  It’s all Civil Unrest. Civil Disorder.  Very easy to fix if you come in Strongly.  And China will not do something on a small scale. 

But it’s an Unrest Issue between China and Hong Kong.  Not a World Issue or American Issue. So let them Box their way to happiness and a new understanding…lol