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I’m Challenging All Countries to put together their Country’s Time Capsule into the ground on January 1st, 2021.  To be Opened January 1st, 2121.  And no matter how things are, put it in the Ground at the exact same time all over the World…a challenge to all the World from the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author.  This would be the best way to allow all of them to remember all of us. 👍👀

Thought provoking Titles?  Eye-catching.  And what will instantly grab you?  Free Food?  Massive Orgies performed on large Californians Ranches?  Vineyards are Gay Connect Zones?  Aliens are Here!  

And no matter what comes to your way of thinking, I still am finding more misleading stories TODAY than ever BEFORE.  And that is why I Posted the simple story of what children are thinking today. But in many ways, all of us are just children in this amazing Story of Mankind and how we dealt with a Pandemic.  This is Our Tale.  Our Story.  Your Story, My Story, Our Story and most importantly, how each one of us dealt and deals with it.  And what would you like to put in the Time Capsule for another Generation to see when IT’S opened in a hundred years?  What words would you give them?  What three Words best fits Your Story?  Yes, what three Words would you place in the three “blanks” at the very Top?  And if everyone put their own 300-word story?  Or no digital limit?  But what would you say, want to say?