Time to love each other…

Love.  Love, a lonely word, but always looking for a partner.  And right now, a whole lot of the World’s Family needs love more than ever before.  

COVID-19 Pandemic, a most distasteful, and most, very disagreeable words.  They are saddening to see and worse to hear.  But the Costs is so cruel to many families everywhere.  And Jobs, no JOBS.  Layoffs, Firings.  It’s horrendous.  Pathetic.  Simply pathetic.  And many a Mother, a father, and others will make incredibly saddening decisions.  Feeding themselves.  Feeding their children.  It’s blindingly brunt.  A blow from Heaven?  Heaven sent?  Never say never.  Yes, never say never when more can get worse by a hundred fold.  But, I’m hopeful.  I do have Hope and do should you.  DON’T give-up at all.  The story is never over until that last breath.  That last heart breath.  

So harken to Heaven your Lovingness.  Send love and see it always returned.  Yes, love brings down many a hardened heart.  And love is such a cherished thing.  Yes, it is cherished.  It’s not going to slip away.  Some of the greatest moments of love come at the time of our births.  Loving arms hold us and in our lives, we will hold our own babies.  It’s all part of the Life Cycle.  But hunger is a thing more punishing than I can ever describe to you.  It is hard to sleep with a cramping, growling belly that has no food in it.  Some may never feel this ever in their lifetimes.  But friends, MI compadres, MI Amigos, many go days without eating.  Chewing on stems and other items.  Drinking water and other similar tactics to combat the hunger pains.  So, I want to leave you with one small request-the next time you see a chance to give money to a Food Drive, please check your own situation and please give if you can.  Help in any way you can.  Please do.  Thank you…

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