Vaccines…And more…

While the World races at a breathtaking speed, nothing is promised to man or mankind.  In a strange way, Vaccines are exciting when they completely work correctly.  Testing in the Labs, and promising Results are all Agreed upon to take to trials on our good ole buddies-Monkeys!  Yes, monkeys are still the closest things to all of us.  And if their bodies show a negative Result, the testing ENDS.  But if successful, then the Testing continues to a small group of Human Volunteers.  And if there is no adverse effects and if necessary, antibodies may be produced showing a successful possibility.  Then the Test Group roars along to a much greater testing of Human Volunteers.  And if they have no adverse effects. Then the Drug ramps up into full production and everyone who wants it is hopefully protected and the World moves on.

And last night, I had the strangest Dreams.  And in one, I was still working and I had picked up my paycheck and the paychecks of friends.  And I drove to their homes so that all of us could go and Get them cashed.  And we drove to a hole in the wall strangest Convenience Store that cashed employee payroll checks.  And the 1st thing the lady behind the counter asked was why the hell was President Trump’s name on it.  And suddenly all of us were shocked at her question.  And we looked and we looked and none of us could answer the woman.  We didn’t care. We DID NOT CARE!  We just wanted our monies.   As long as the Check didn’t bounce, we could care less.  The only important name on each check was OURS when we signed the back of our payroll check.  And so, we told the woman we didn’t know, nor could we care less as long as she could cash them and give us our money.  We only wanted Our Money and that was all we cared about.  

Finally, one by one, she paid each of us our money and she charged us 1% for cash.  But again, most of us didn’t have a Banking Account as all of us were too caught up in making the money, getting PAID cash, and moving on.  We were a sort of Traveling Gypsies Workers.  Yes. We travelled all over America working at OUTAGES at Electric Plants, usually coal and a welcomed-C u next year.  The money was good, but there were no benefits with it but only a sometimes Handshake and a appreciated Thank You.  Yes, we were the grunts that came out and from all over America to rebuild Boilers, Turbines, and just about every aspect of the Electrical Power Generating Process.  And once or twice a year, they had to be torn down in places for needed repairs.  But oh brother, once this Plant Welder recommendations were for his Cousin to come to one and help him repair a huge turbine fan.  The Bearings were going out and had to be replaced.  And then the fan blades were sent off for repair and rebalancing as well.  

Well, the cousin worked just fine and then he told us HE HAD TO BE OFF for the weekend.  And he took OFF.  When he got back, he caught hell cause no one was OFF until the Job was done.  But dang, he was gone two hundred miles


away to go to a Bikers Ole Lady Rally or P A R T Y! 

And during our 1st break, he unloaded the whole deal to us and he had over a hundred pics of Hard Core Bikers and Biker Chicks and all the Bikers games like the Ole Lady riding Topless behind a Biker Daddy on his huge Harley going after weiners.  You know the type-Hot Dog Wieners hanging down from a long wire about a foot above the Bikers Head as he rode his Harley. Under them  As the Biker and Bitch in tow would then ride thru a long gauntlet of Bikers lined up on both sides.  And as the Harleys roared their exhaust with a deafening thunder, each contestant would ride down the Biker lane and his ole Lady half-naked would lean upwards trying to suck down each Hot Dog Weiner now above her head.  And which one sucked down the most wieners won.  And his pictures were a ton of naked Bikers doing whatever, whenever, wherever they cared to do it.  And all were stunned and each viewer thoroughly enjoyed looking at them. Pics to either gawk at or look with envy. Wishing you were there too.


But by Lunch Time, his Pictures were infamous and a line developed where men and women with their lesbo lovers stood in that line to view them for $5 a head.  Yes, this asshole Biker Cousin wanted and Got Five Bucks a look.  And he was racking in the cash. 

But he messed up.  He truly messed up.  While everyone was looking at the pictures, the Biker went off on his own to cut the fan blades that had come in earlier.  But there was a problem, these blades were two inches too long.  And I’m talking 3 foot long blades made out of Aluminum or some similar metal had been sent to the Power Plant.  And they were two inches too long.  So. This idiot went to where the blades were laid out on the ground and he marked 2″ at the end of each blade and then went to work cutting them two inches shorter by “Arc-Gouging” each out.  A super rough cut by high temperatures. Yes. He cut off the ends by two inches and he was very pleased. 

He had learned of a problem, felt bad about missing the weekend, and then he thought he was correcting it.  But when the Plant Manager came by as he finished cutting off the last blade, the Manager turned ten shades of purple and went to where the Welder that had recommended him for the Outage was.  And right then, he had about twenty people standing in line to view the Nudity Pics.  Then the Plant Manager called his name and he told him-


And of course, he thought the Plant Manager was upset about the weekend his Cousin took off and now, the pictures.  But no, he went to where his Cousin was and told him he was fired and told to get off the Plant Site.  But when he saw the cut blades. He said-

You got to be the biggest Dumbfuk on the Planet. Get the fuk out of here.  I’m probably going to be fired too cause of you. 

And after all of us got our pay, our cash, we went into another part of the Convenience Store to buy some beer and Chew.  And as I grabbed a 12-pack, this fat cow called out at me and asked-

Hey Fat Boy, when’s your baby due?

And then, I walked over to her where she sat and I grabbed her by her heavy winter shirt and pulled up and lifted her completely up off her seat.

Ma’am, you wanna redress that QUESTION?

And she whimpered out-

Is that all you want, Sir?

And I sat her down, paid her,

and we left…lol