Forbidden Secrets…

Ever wonder what sort of Secret Kinds of Stuff has been secretly carried out while your attentions were a fixed on many another compulsory thoughts?  Well, have you?  Or haven’t you?  But if you don’t wish to waste your time, then you need to slip away from the rat race and come along and see what’s out there.  What’s out there hiding, yes, some of it is hiding in murky waters.  And the wonders, the mysteries I keep finding are those of Trump and Family. Now, how odd is that?

So, keeping with Timelines, did you know what was said on May 27th, 2017?  No, well, here it is…a Secret Communication Line only for the Trump’s and Putin.  And how many times will this line be buzzing between now and November 3rd 

  • At a press briefing, National Security Advisor McMaster remarks that he “would not be concerned”, when responding to questions about a recent report that Kushner had discussed with Kislyak the possibility of creating a secret communication channel between President Trump’s team and the Kremlin.[230][231]

President Trump speaks to U.S. service members at the Naval-“I am the only One that knows what’s best for every American. Only I can heal what ails each of you.  Me, I love KFC.”

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