Amazon Brand is going to be stamped on Your Butts! All of Ours!

Lazy, lazy, L A Z Y!  I’m talking about completely lazy with your Stay At Home Self.  And I’m not crying.  I have medical issues that force me to stay at home.  But I’m old and Retired.  And that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  Lol.   But while everyone is pleased getting their pampered needs just show up at their doorsteps, it’s gonna put a ton of Great Businesses out of existence and they are not going to survive the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.  

Suddenly, all the World of Commerce will come crawling on their knees begging for any kind of Amazon Deal to keep selling their Products. 

With tales of no funding for the Postal Services, everything is headed to the TOTAL AMAZON BRAND. And like when Walmart came out swinging, lots of beloved  stores couldn’t compete with the new Cheap Products that broke after a few uses. 

Now. How are you going to be when you can’t go to a spot where a real knowledge filled person can discuss Products with you?  Are you ready to try shoes on that other people may have tried on too?  I’m talking try it and RETURN it when you don’t like it.  No questions asked.  And get ready to get someone’s foot funguses or worse. 

Get Ready for Amazon Car Rentals.  Amazon Airlines.  Amazon Oil and Gas.  Amazon Drugs.  Amazon Hamburgers.  Amazon Tissue Paper for everyone who will cry.  Why?  Because Amazon will be buying Companies for mere pennies on the Dollar in the near futures.  Billionaires will own 99% of America in just a short time.  U.S. POST OFFICE will become the AMAZON POST OFFICE.  Just wait.  And why am I saying this?  Simply put, too many in Washington making all the Stimulus Decisions haven’t a Clue of what the Workers need or want.  Their all “just winging it”.  Their letting Billionaires supply the RHETORIC. 

 But while everyone is happy with At Home Amazon Buying, and Amazon Delivery. It’s gonna COST EVERYONE in the end.  The largest SUPER COMPANY in American History has now come out of infancy and it’s growing exponentially…reminds me so much when Ma Bell got took down by Anti-Trust Laws meant to protect.  But even if they break it up. It will merely become three separate Companies still owned by AMAZON! But dang, how many Companies are gonna plunge now?  A Lot!  I’m guessing it will take 100 years before the World recovers from COVID-19 PANDEMIC.