BAD BOY-A 5-STAR Movie starring Audie Murphy! And he Marches with the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets!

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BAD BOY-A 5-STAR Movie starring Audie Murphy! And he Marches with the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets!  That’s right, Audie Murphy marches with the Texas A&M  Corps of Cadets.  YES! It’s the last scene in this stunning, yet, very disturbing movie.

        Last night, I watched for the 1st Time an Audie Murphy Movie on YouTube that I had somehow missed and most likely, you did too.  But I was amazed at how truly relevant the themes in this Movie are today.  Youth and their Violent Behavior.  And at what point would you have Called Da Law and had his character taken away and yanked from Society to serve a 20-year sentence?  Yes, at what Point? 

         And you will be pulled in. Sucked in, to a strange riveting Movie with troubled Boys who were given a Last Chance on a 4200 Acre Ranch or face Reformatory or Prison.  Troubled?  Troubled isn’t even the right word.  Audie Murphy who plays Danny is Violent.  His actions are based on Pure Anger at the World.  A World he loved until a sickening tragedy stripped him of caring about anyone or anything.  But there is a race against time traveling at light speed to consume the Bad Boy and those around him.  And he is on the rail tracks and the Monster Locomotive is headed to destroy him.  Yes, the ones trying to help Danny are sucked into the same void as Danny is caught in. That Void of Violence where hearts are yanked out of the chests of all caring hearts.  Whose?  All of ours.  But parents for sure.  But, do all parents care?

        And Time is ticking.  And Violence and Violent Behavior not unlike Youthful Violence going on all over the World erupts right in the Viewer’s face.  And I know, I know, I know, mention a Black and White film and many start to groan-Oh, hell no, not for me, I ain’t watching no B&W 🎥!!! 


         Is that you?  And has your own child performed for your community acts of Violence?  Have you ever visited a Judge on behalf of your child with a Lawyer beside you?  Well, I have and Lord, the punishment that dang Judge wanted to put on my child DID NOT FIT THE CRIME AT ALL!  It was almost as if the Judge had given-up on all Kiddos that came before him and he passed Judgement as if he had a bad case of VD. He was swull with not caring any more.  He had given-up on the Youth of America. But why?  Too many cases?  Too many constituents he cared to appease as another Hang’em All Judge?  

        Danny is an all-time Hero for a Real Bad Boy.  And yet, there are men and women who seek to find the real underlying issues with a troubled boy or girl.  Is that strangeness, that uncaring from a Vicious Childhood?  A Rape Incident?  Yes, would you, could you take the Task of trying to help?  No, not likely.  And you say-send them to Hell, send them all to Jail or Prison?  Or send them to Texas A&M’s Corps of Cadets?  Holy Cow, I never saw that one coming.  And in this Movie, Texas A&M is getting another one of these Troubled Youths who has Successfully been Reformed at the Boys Ranch where hundreds of other boys are.  Reform, conform or face the worse Prison has to offer. 

          It’s a mean street at the Ranch where other Hard Cases are there just waiting for their hand at Danny.  But will Danny survive them?  And make no doubt, this is one of the best Acting Jobs I’ve ever seen Audie Murphy perform and he plays it with such intensity that it makes ma wonder if Audie wasn’t holding nothing back possibly revealing a something mysterious and bedeviled from his own past.  Yes, he portrays Youthful Violence to it’s full Point in Maturation.  And he is ready to Kill.  Kill you or me or all of us?  And again. I ask-would you, could you take on such a raging young Bull?  Yes. The timelessness of this Movie is very haunting.  A deep, dark calling from the Past film World.  And if you can just put yourself into one of the characters, such as the mother, father, Chief, or Danny, you will walk away with, Damn, how come I never ever heard about this Movie Before?  And if I were a Judge, I’d make a prospective Juror watch this one Movie so that all the cobwebs would be cleaned out of a person’s mind. 

         Yes, this movie is a clear eye-opening scream at your own senses of Fair Judicial Judgement in so many ways.  And you will be called upon to be Judge, Juror, and Executioner.  And what Decision will you render?  But do enjoy for sure. 

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Bad Boy, a 5-Star Movie well worth the watch.And below is more information for you-

Bad Boy (1949 film)-a 5-Star Movie.

Bad Boy is a 1949 film starring Audie Murphy in his first leading role. It was directed by Kurt Neumann.[1]

Bad Boy
Directed by Kurt Neumann
Produced by Paul Short
Starring Audie Murphy
Lloyd Nolan
Jane Wyatt
Music by Paul Sawtell
Cinematography Karl Struss
Edited by William Austin
Otho Lovering (sup)
Distributed by Allied Artists Pictures
Release date
  • February 22, 1949
Running time
86 min.
Country United States
Language English




Despite having been a decorated combat veteran five years previously, Murphy convincingly played a youthful teenager in the film. He was cast at the insistence of Texas theater owners who helped finance the film.[3]To the end of the film is appended producer Paul Short‘s acknowledgement thanking Variety Clubs International, “which has 8,000 members—representing 17,000 theatres and is operating 100 charitable institutions in 43 cities and has expended twenty-two million dollars benefitting [sic] five million underprivileged children.”The ranch scenes were not filmed on the actual Variety Clubs ranch in Texas that inspired the film, but instead in Thousand Oaks, California.



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