Where does the WORST in Pandemics Originate?

Any guess?  No, none?  Or do you have that feeling of-let me Guess?  China?

Dang you’re smart.  Because that is exactly where some of the very Worst did come from-

The so-called Black Death, or pandemic of the Middle Ages, began in China and made its way to Europe, causing the death of 60% of the entire population,” by some estimates, Dr. Stöppler writes.


And that’s an exert from the above site.  No, I wasn’t looking for that sort of stuff.  I wasn’t looking at China in any way.  I was looking for the difference of a Plague and a Pandemic?

And the above popped-up.  But did you know that between 1882-1962 there were 4,736 lynchings in the United States?  Also, did you also know that of those lynchings, 3,442 were blacks and 1,294 were whites.  See, way back when, they DID’NT spread that hate love around equally.  One of the biggest flaws has to be that apparently Mexicans DID’NT even rate a Recorded Number.  And I’m sure they got lynched too or NOT?  Or were their numbers just added to the White Numbers or the Black Numbers.  Who knows?  I’m not sure anyone does.  


But anyhow, lots more folks comes lots more DISEASE.  And so, maybe the World is finally reaching a Point where the World needs to slow making so many babies and do a better job of getting along with each other.

woman wearing mask on train
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com