We’re being forced into Herd Immunity…

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but if you kept the Numbers each day of Deaths and INFECTIONS, you’d see pretty positive proof we’re being FORCED INTO HERD IMMUNITY.

Get Ready, it’s not gonna work.  Too many will Die and too many will OVERWHELM our Health Systems and Hospitals.  Too many have suddenly sucked out the Egg and forgot how a few brought this Virus to HOW MANY now?  Deaths to pass 100,000 by Memorial Day!

And it will EXPLODE this time like never before.  When the Churches and Schools and Sporting Events get ramped-up and going, so will the Virus.  And it’s going to take only a few places to get the ball rolling.  Will it be a Subway?  A Bus?  A Taxi Driver?  Another Cruise Ship?  What and which City will be the next Ground Zero?  And will it explode to a million Deaths?  Or even More? 

These are truly sad days-to feed a family I understand, But I fail see the need to pad a College Pocketbook-yes, I fail to see that need.  Or Sporting Events being the Breadwinner for Colleges.  Somewhere, somehow, many have forgotten SCHOOL is for learning and getting a Degree.  Was home schooling until at least January 2021, such an difficult feat?  

Well, we’ll soon see…

syringes on white background
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.need-yes, gree.