AMERICA is now being run by a One Man Ducktator…

No matter what, yes, no matter Wats-Up, it completely comes down to play with no better description that I am now finding is that –

AMERICA is now being run by a One Man Ducktator  His worse Enemy is His Mouth

And here’s just the latest exert from another quite sudden ranting rage by what I can only call a Reincarnated Adolf Hitler, who always made false promises. I’m been very quiet on saying such a thing.  Yes, very quiet.  Watching and seeing just too much.  But I’m now thinking the man is heading absolutely out of his mind from some form of a psychosis disorder. Is he, are we all watching a Mental Breakdown Unfolding right before our Eyes where everyone is his enemies?  Is no one asking similar questions?  Not one time have you thought, oh my. Something’s got to be wrong with this man or is he how all billionaires be?  And we’ve all been terribly fooled in a game?  Are we the fools? 

And when someone is Out Shining him in the News, he gets rid of them.  He FIRES them.  He gets rid of them just exactly like Adolf Hitler did in his rise until he could have the SS kill them later in his life. And one of the 1st things Hitler did was get rid of all Inspector Generals so he could do as he pleased with no one able to catch him, even moving monies to the Caribbean in secret accounts.  Like what is done today funneling them thru Russia.  And he proved to be mentally deranged and taking drugs for his own mental illness.  

Now before reading the exert, the Governors have been doing an exceptional job of doing the best means accountable to their constituents and all who live there.  And there has been an absolute rule protocol put out by the CDC on how to do everything on Re-Opening their States.  And each should be praised for making difficult decisions on closing many places down to stop the flow of this Deadly disease.  My own daily battle with this Coronavirus, I promise YOU, it’s the worst SHIT I’ve ever been thru and I’m in my 1st week with it.  The damn vomiting, diarrhea, severe headache, no appetite, dizziness, cold sweats, bed completely wet from sweating, the stinky smell of it, and I haven’t eaten now for two days.  It is nothing to play with.  Only a Jackass who teases fate would toss it to the fate of the Grim Reaper, alwAyS taking advice froM billionaires buddies, giving them countless Tax Breaks.  And when his Poll Numbers are showing that the MIGHTY can fall, he unleashed another Bullet Rage.  And here it is-

slogann on social distancing
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President Donald Trump on Friday demanded that governors reopen churches, synagogues and mosques “right now,” and threatened to “override” state leaders’ restrictions if they do not do so by the weekend.

The surprise announcement marked the president’s latest attempt to ramp up the political stakes surrounding the country’s coronavirus recovery efforts. He is facing a tough reelection fight against apparent Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

And I know you might be offended with me, but please take a moment to see things for what they are.  Some things I still find troubling-

1.  He said it was now TOP SECRET and that NO ONE is allowed to know the number of civilians killed in a Drone Attack authorized by him.  And he has Ordered the most Drone Attacks ever.  And has he killed the wrong civilians? Allied?

2.  To take Hydroxychloroquine when it is now proven-

3. Lying-who cares?  Everyone Lies, but to openly get caught in Lies Repeatedly in them and not even care.

4.  To create bad feelings among Strong Allies and treat them poorly and take a Reversal of Love for Dictators.  Why?


5.  Said Wearing a Mask reveals Weakness in a Leader…Hmm…and gets caught doing what he said he’d never do.  I mean, the way he breaths and stands to hide his morbidly obese body so you can’t see his girdle he wears.


6.  Another Hmm…

Yes, that Why is one of the biggest reasons I am asking you?  Is he a Ducktator?  Has his Office been turned into a Ducktatorship where friends and family have a free hand at making monies and taking the bank out of the money?  And am I happy to be pondering such stuff?  Folks, after days upon days of vomiting and can’t piss without shitting diarrhea, the Coronavirus is not no game to be falsely misconstrued as a mere Flu Bug.  Folks, this DOESN’T feel like the flu, hell no, it’s ten times worse!  But please know I pray for each of you every day and I love you.  May God be kind to you and your family. 

And I’m sorry if this offends YOU, but I’m sick and I know I am and I’m saying this-IF YOU CAN, STAY HOME UNTIL THERE IS A PROVEN VACCINE or you will risk Death to you or a loved one.  I promise you, it took me four hours to write this…but I said what many know and are now believing.