My Cornoavirus Journey

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I’m providing a Daily Rundown of my own Coronavirus Experience.  I’m not Positive I have it, but we’re gonna Rule it Out.

Prior to the following, I went to Scott &White Clinic which is the big building connected to the Scott & White Hospital on Rock Prairie Road in College Station, Texas.  I went to the 3rd floor to have my knee looked at.  I now have a MRI scheduled for June.  But this date may need to be changed.  So, here’s my experiences thus far so may be this will help you.  But, I have been wearing a Mask.

May 16, 2020-As I was sitting in my chair in the living room in the morning, I suddenly felt like I had a head-rush going backwards from rear topish part of my head toward the back area.  Like when you get up quickly and blood rushed from your head.

May 17, 2020-I wake-up in bed and I am dizzy when I get up to walk.  I have diarrhea.  I am vomiting.  I fell down once going to bathroom.  My balance is out of wack.  I have my taste and smell.  But in a weird way. But I have no want for food.  I feel very similar to how I felt when I had the Measles.  I eat nothing.

Other than going to restroom and take Meds., I stay in bed.  No TV.  No radio.  Just in dark room.  My mind wanders like in a dreamy state.  I’m not thinking Coronavirus at all right now.

May 18, 2020-I begin taking some Dizzy Medicine I had gotten earlier from the Doctor.  It is Meclizine 25 MG.  I am still experiencing dizziness.  Medication helped with dizziness.  I begin using a Walker and this does help stabilize my faulty walking.  I have no want for food, but I eat a soup anyway.  I still have my taste and smell but no want for Food.  But I’m concerned about the CORONAVIRUS possibly attacking me neurologically.  And a possible stroke or something similar.  So, I see on News a Drive-thru Testing site for May 20th here locally.

I’m thinking I should do this to check my status.  But if this is Coronavirus, when or will I succumb to the coughing or chest pain or inability to get Oxygen.  Or will this remain a neurological issue?

May 19, 2020-Headache is much more noticeable today.  Still have the dizziness.  Still have no want for food.  Still have my taste and smell.  Not running temperature so far at all.  I called COVID-19 Testing and now have a schedule for getting the test at 1:30pm tomorrow at the Bryan Expo Center. I decided to write down a Daily Journal for what I am going thru.  It still feels like the Measles.  The German Measles.  But it’s going to turn very bad on the night of the 20th.

I get up and eat a biscuit. I am writing this and I’m not having any need to write a much greater write as if I feel some form of impending doom or like this is the end coming.  It is what it is.  I do feel a sightedness in my Chest today.  But not much of anything. No coughing or fever.

I do take CoQ10 and a Multivitamin and a Vitamin D3 each day along with Medications for High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.  I am Obese as are most of us.  I also take Eliquis and another Medication for A-Fib.  So, yes, I’m at High-Risk.  And I’m over 65.

May 20, 2020-Last night, I froze and had chills bad.  Even with two blankets, it wasn’t working.  Anyhow, this still feels like German Measles that I had as a kid. I eat a Biscuit and shower.

Well, today, we went to the COVID TESTING at the Brazos County Expo Center.  I have a noticeable Headache.

In front, a Soldier used a handheld Radio to verify that I was Approved.  Then,  we were told to follow the ARROW SIGNS.  And we did. We drove on.  And behind the 1st Building, they were waiting for us under a roof for sharing to get away from the Heat.

A Soldier stopped us and told me Park and to turn the Motor Off. Again, they verified that I was the right person.  Then, another Soldier told me to pull down my Mask, but keep my mouth covered.  And then, he told me to OPEN THE DOOR, lean out and tilt my head back.

Then, he twisted back and forth and into my left Nose Nostril a long Cotton Swab on the end of a Stick was pushed In.  And I guarantee, no one had ever stuck anything that deep into my Nose.  Then, he pulled it out and did the right Nostril.  But this time, be went so far in my Nose that I started Coughing and Gagging.  The Soldier then pulled it out.

The Soldier then verified my Name and DOB on a long Vial now holding the Swab used on my Nose inside the Vial.  Then, I was motioned out and I started the Motor and Left.

Now, 24-96 Hours I will get the COVID TESTING RESULTS…here is what I was given by the Soldier prior to leaving-



May 20 & 21 & 22-I’m in it now, on the night of the 20th, my fever is now thru the Roof.  The  sweating in bed so bad the sheets are completely wet.  I had to change my clothes twice.  The vomiting, severe headache, the can’t take a piss without shitting with nonstop Diarrhea.  By the 22nd, I still have eaten no food. I want no food.  I drink water when I take my medications or take fever meds.  This shit is ten times worse than any Flu I’ve ever had.

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If you can stay at home, then do until there is a Vaccine, or you’ll risk Death for yourself or Others.

I cannot implore to you how dangerous this Shot is…way too DANGEROUS!!!

May 25, 2020-It’s been a rough tug with this one I AIN’T lying.  It truly is a rough row to how. Amazingly, I’ve dropped 28-lbs so far.  The stomach is upset, but not unacceptable.  Still a lower grade fever.  Coughing is there, but not excessively.  Only real issue is not being able to stop or slow the diarrhea.  It is still a Vicious factor.  I’ve called the Test Number and only get a Recording that I would be called or texted with my Results.  It’s been over 120 hours now and still no Results News.  But today is Memorial Day.  And I’m guessing that the Test is a Positive Result and they’ll want the Health District involved with where I got it and have I infected ANYONE.  No, I AIN’T gone nowhere.  And, I’m still believing I got this at the Clinic attached to the Hospital.  Oh well, but please, take this one seriously.