New Chinese COVID-19 Lockdown of 108 Million in Jilin Province…China!


Some 108 million people in China’s northeast region are being plunged back under lockdown conditions as a new and growing cluster of infections causes a backslide in the nation’s return to normal.  

Friends, folks, mi amigos, Compadres, this New Lockdown is not Good News.  Instead, it is a Stark Reminder of How Truly Dangerous and Contagious this Virus is.  And this must come as another Wake-Up Call to all of us.  If China is locking down such a Vast Number of their fellow Citizens, it only proves How fearful they are of this Virus.  And sure, right now, everyone all over the World is watching, seeing, and Reviewing How each Country is ReOpening their Country after Stay At Home Restrictions.  Which Country will be successful and which will Fail in a disproportionate amount? 

Yes, all of us wish for what was to return to all of us as quickly as possible. But all of us must watch, wait, and see how all of this plays out.  Here in Texas, El Paso and Amarillo were the only two Cities that were told to Delay certain ReOpening abilities due to COVID-19 cases.  But, America has not and most likely never will go Full Blown Lockdowns similar to those carried out in China.  But only the future will say who did it right.  And one of the two glaring differences in China’s Lockdowns is how few Infections they had and Deaths they’ve had are far less than many Countries in relationship to their size of Population. 

But for now, all must keep Safe and the outcomes will be revealed…