One Hundred Thousand DEAD AMERICANS by May 31st. 100,000 Dead!

Yes, the Pandemic Death Toll will be over 100,000 Dead Americans by the end of May, 2020.  A staggering Death Toll Number.  Shocking for some and Great News for others.  Yes, those hating and wishing nothing but evil to befall Americans are happy with the News of every death of any American.

Some will normalize every conception possible.  Some will scream in disbelief with raging flames of accusations.  Of hate-filled talk. Yes, RHETORIC blaming every facet of the National Health Scene.  Hating anyone associated with anything remotely connected to a Pandemic Prevention.  But let’s look at what people are saying-

1.  America’s COVID-19 Testing is the BEST in the World.

2.  No Country has tested more.

3.  America will REOPEN no matter who or how many Die.

4.  To Die of COVID-19 is a Patriotic Sacrifice.

5.  President Trump has done absolutely everything he can do to help Protect all Americans.


But sure, it’s sad to see Our fellow Americans fall from this Deadly Virus.  And we still will have looming Death Tolls even higher by the End of 2020.  And every day, the Death Toll Grows.  But How many will the Final Toll be?

Who knows…