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But Holy cow, what is a Cultist?  And R U 1?

Cultist – a member of an unorthodox cult who generally lives outside of conventional society under the direction of a Charismatic Leader.

Okay, now you’ve got the Definition right in front of your face. Look at it again?  And does that definition fit your scheme of things?  Yes, has your Ideology been changed?  Has the daily bombardments of President Tweets changed you?  Or has the Pandemic suddenly brought you to a point where you’ve now realized what is absolutely the most important things in Life?  Yes. Has the Pandemic brought forth in you a self-evaluation?  And if so, what have you discovered? 

Most of us have come full circle with a Total Reevaluation of Ourselves.  Haven’t we?  Haven’t you?  And do you like what you see or maybe, you DON’T.  And how about?

PLEASE, DON’T let it end like this!  There’s lots of things I was planning, wanting to do.  Remember, this is the 1st High School Generation that didn’t finish at School on their. During their Senior Year. With no Graduation.  

Yes, the Pandemic has seen some very alarming things taking place.  Yes, I predicted 40 Million Americans being Unemployed by the end of May, 2020.  And yes, that’s still on track to happen.  But will it now go as high as 50-70 Million?  I’ve also predicted other things, but I don’t guess.  Instead, I use Brain Power to Predict the Obvious.  But no matter, let’s get back to the original question? 


And I’m knowing that we be knowing that now, all questions are no longer Stupid QUESTIONS.  We’ve past the Stupid Questions a long time back.  And sure, we’re all concerned about lots of things in the future.  First and Foremost, keeping your family and/or yourself safe and fed.  And how’s that Home Schooling going?  R U able to help with your children’s homework?  Or how was or better yet, who did the haircuts from home?  Here, I did my own and that was a first.  And every time I want to go do something, another TV COMMERCIAL comes on telling everyone 65 and Older to STAY HOME.  And so, our trips have been Essential Outings only.

And I, like you, would love to actually know when this Pandemic will end.  When?  Maybe NEVER.  And I’m sadly not kidding.  Here in America, it’s going to be bad because America has such a broad and loose Freedoms, and Warriors fought for everyone of them, and that is where our Greatest Problem exists.  Because of these, Americans CAN’T or Won’t get on the same Page and do what needs to be done.  While one State has done an exceptional J O B of controlling the Spread of this Pandemic Virus, others have N O T.  And even if and when one of the or more of the Vaccines become Available, thousands of the Diehard Anti-Vaccination Groups will not step out and take one.  No, they will refuse and that will pose an incredible means or avenues for the Virus to Mutate and make the Vaccines worthless for everyone who takes one. 

But again, it’s all part of how difficult it is to get everyone onboard.  On the same page for the Benefit of All.  And another big reason that Americans won’t ever get on the same page is the fact that none are Required to Do Something Greater than Themselves.  And how is that?  How does that take place?  Simple. MILITARY DUTY!  Yes. Less than 1% of all Americans step-up to the Plate of American Sacrifice.  And making the biggest choice in one’s Life is Military Duty.  Saying U want to.  Then taking a Bus or Plane to go get the Physical, and one takes the “Proof I’m Not Stupid” Tests before getting the Medical Physical.  Then a person takes the Greatest Challenge of their Lives.  They must Take THE OATH and you must accept Defending every swinging Dick in America. 

 A Sacred Oath to Defend every person-those that you can’t stand, groups you deplore.  Man, you taking an Oath to Defend all You Love and All You Hate in one single Oath. But unless you do this, you’ll never understand the many Sacrifices you will make for Your Country which may include giving YOUR LIFE.  For the Better of all and for the Worse of all.  How strange is that?  But you’ll be Damned trying to Run a Country without these Bravest of All Citizens who did Step Up to the Batter’s Box and followed the millions of Proud Veterans who did too.  And by giving and taking The Oath, you’ll come away in the End with a far Greater Understanding of America and humanity.  You will see how the World sees America in ways books can never explain. 

No books, no stories, no tales. No nothing will explain it better than doing it for yourself.  And right now might be the BEST time for Americans to Join America’s Elitist Groups-a member of America’s Armed Forces during this Pandemic.  But again, R U A TRUMP CULTIST?  instead of the Military, many thousands take to sewing and doing or becoming a Manicure or Pedicure.  Many thousands make sandwiches.  Many thousands serve Drinks.  Many thousands take to washing hair.  Many thousands count money.  Or making toilet paper.  Or making Cereal.  Or washing clothes.  Many thousands learn how to cook French Fries.  And thousands learn how to fold Pizza Boxes.  And thousands learn how to swipe a Credit or Debit Card.  And thousands learn how to go to Protest Rallies while Protecting their Liberties or Freedoms carrying Assault Weapons with 30-50 Round Magazines in the Assault Weapons with a belt wrap around their waist with 300-500 more rounds in Loaded Clips for their Assault Weapons.  Carrying LOADED Assault Weapons at a simple “Hey, I’m Upset About Something” Protest Rally seems EXTREME behavior to me, may be you too?  I mean I saw real, I mean REAL PROTESTS Overseas where people Died in them because they were CRUSHED! Suffocated to Death.

None were Killed  by Weapon Fire. No one brought an Assault Weapon to those Rallies and in that country, they were under a Dictator’s Rule that we supported. 

Carrying LOADED ASSAULT WEAPONS at simple non-violent Protests only promotes the Possibility of a Hazardous Event taking place and sends out ONLY A MESSAGE OF FEAR AND/ OR HATRED.  DOESN’T it? 

And might I ask two things?  What silly RAMBO or Girlish Names did these “I Think I’m So Bad By Bringing My Assault Weapons To A Protest”  give to their Assault Weapons? 

And a recent Poll found that NOT ONE PERSON CARRYING these Assault Weapons at these Protests had past Military Duty. And so, where did these individuals get their “Safe Training with Weapons” Training?  Out of a box?  On a YouTube Video?

So, who is or what is growing these Homegrown Folks brining these guns to such events?  R they now such deep in their feelings to bring an Assault Weapon?  Hey, please tell me, show me who is their Enemy?  Or does their Assault Weapon bring them a sense of Safety by bringing them, yet instilling fear in others and keeping many, many others from Attending.  So-


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