Texas’s Looming Doom…

    Will Texas Prisons become the Public’s Smoking Gun? Yes. Will Texas Prisons become the Smoking Gun?  The Public’s Secret Hit Man.  Or the one thing no one expected to INFECT the Public in the largest numbers?  I know, I know, I know.  Smoking Gun?  Looming Doom?  And why did I say that?  Well, sadly, the Prisons are highly congested in all of the Country and not just Texas.   In certain aspects,  a lot of Texas Prisons offer a Worse-Case Scenario and are worse than Nursing Homes where thousands of Medically At-Risk Offenders are then put in a Deadly Higher At-Risk Situation. All due to this Pandemic.  Not due to incompetence on anyone’s part.  No one asked for this PANDEMIC, but we’re in it now. And it’s a grave situation.  Dorms are closely fitted little Low Walled Cubicles housing 64 Offenders or more basically in an Open Air Virus Incubator.  Or, they are closely fitted Bunk beds.  But it’s tight, tight, a tough tightness perfect for Dorm Spreading of this Virus-to all involved physically there.  The Pandemic Numbers may soon EXPLODE in TDCJ from a very Aggressive Testing of Offenders and Staff-


      And before this Pandemic when one Employee or Visitor brings in the Flu,  the Flu will spread like Wildfire.  But not super bad.  It’s pretty well contained.  And quickly.  But here comes COVID-19, the most odd, strange, very unknown deathly enemy, and this one can infect and is highly contagious.  It’s like a Deadly Worm in an Apple.  But when the Offenders get sick. The workers can and do too. All there can get sick.  And this is where an Unsuspecting Public can get Hit again from a mysteriously odd, not expected Direction no one was expecting. Yes, back from Prisons.

In a way, it’s a Guinea Pig Test Farm. 

      For both workers and staff.  It’s a scary situation far worse than people just staying home watching the News about this Pandemic. 

Texas Correctional Officers and Staff and Medical and Counselors and Pastors and Others are BRAVE FRONT LINE WORKERS in the Texas Prison System

And now, they know that their work could KILL Them even farther.  By a New Virus.  Yes, they receive HAZARDOUS DUTY PAY, but that pay is for the Known Risks associated with the J O B!  But now comes Walking DEATH and here’s a BEAST that none wish to bring home upon their families, to their kids. 

    Anxiety?  I’m sure the A N X I E T Y LEVEL is hauntingly horrific.  Anxiety for all who go behind the Walls.  And those living there.  But for Correctional Officers, greatly now more than it was prior in their Regular Duty Responsibilities.  But these are some of the finest, most Brave, Strong-Willed, Men and Women that I’ve ever had the Opportunity to work with. Their Bravery is incomparable.  Bravery Beyond Belief!  Taking a crazy, wild person wielding a Knife slashing like a Sea Snake in every direction is a hard day or night to swallow.  And now, Creeping Death is now lurking for all in the Prisons.  COVID-19.

    But I saw Brave Offenders stand-up to an entire group of Angry Offenders in defense of a Correctional Officer.  Standing Tall, they did.  And they were Risking it all by their Brave Actions.  Just for someone wearing a Uniform.

      And sure, I’ve got a strong connection still to TDCJ thru camaraderie and friendships.  And I care.  I care about all of them and their Families and I care about all of the Offenders and their Families.  Hate is a hard word to swallow for some in Life.  I know it is.  That’s why Not Knowing what an Offender has Done is important in treating all of the Offenders equally.  It just is.

       And yes. I pray every day for them.  All of them and all who visit or work at all Prisons.  Heck. I even pray for you each day.  And sure, I know, I know, I know.  Most want to have Prison Talk kept hidden and never seen.  Well, all of this is just  one item that needs to be changed in the Public’s Mindset.  I have personally witnessed Bravery far greater than even some of the Bravery I witnessed in the Army Overseas.  

       But make no mistake, what happens in the Prison does have a Direct Effect on the Public.  There is And always will be an Invisible Wall between Offenders And the Public. 

      And for this, a higher, greater Number of Infections may spread back to Texas Cities at an alarming Rate.  Will it happen?  I don’t KNOW. 

white moon on hands
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I don’t use Crystal Balls.  But possible? 

Absolutely. Sure…

        But far worse is the High Number of AT-RISK Offenders and Correctional Officers and Staff that could Overwhelm Hospitals all across Texas.  Will it happen?  I just can’t say.  But sure, it could.


And here’s two Exerts-

In total there are 677 TDCJ employees, staff or contractors who have tested positive for COVID-19 and 1775 offenders who have tested positive. There are now 102 employees and 451 offenders who have medically recovered from COVID-19.

There have been 7 employee/staff deaths and 31 offender deaths with COVID-19 as a contributing cause. There are an additional 24 offender deaths that are under investigation and pending preliminary autopsy results.

     But as COVID-19 spreads within the U.S. Prison Systems,  there will be a Reversal of Spreading where when the Offenders get an Infection, it will be Return Spread back to the Public Arena and  may be a hundred fold.  On purpose?  No, it just happens.  It’s what it is.  And for many States, poor working conditions,  living conditions, poor meals, surreal living and working conditions are sometimes appalling.  Yes, appalling. 

      Folks. There is nothing Simply Lovely about Prisons unless you a Punishment Freak.  And Prison is Not Punishment.  Taking a person from their Families is a shaking your head sad thing,  but their Children are the ones who are beset with the Real Punishment.  The kids are the ones who get punished. The children are the ones who are let to be punished, to suffer the greatest.

    Folks need to get that Correct.  But is an Overwhelmed Health System coming to TEXAS and will the Source now originate out of the Offenders and Staff getting COVID-19? 

      Returning it back to whence it came? Back to the Public?

    Again, I don’t know. But it is a minute to think…for sure.